Fashion Editorial “Mannequin” shot by photographer and creative director Simran Kaur hailing from London, UK

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“Mannequin” transcends the confines of conventional fashion photography, delving into the realm of conceptual artistry to unravel the intricacies of the human experience. In this evocative photoshoot, each meticulously crafted image serves as a poignant metaphor, inviting viewers to reflect upon the cyclical nature of existence.

The repetition of the fashion mannequin symbolizes the routine and predictability that often permeate our daily lives. Just as the mannequin stands frozen, perpetually caught in a loop of identical poses and expressions, so too do we find ourselves ensnared in the repetitive patterns of our routines. The juxtaposition of human subjects with the lifeless mannequins blurs the boundaries between the animate and the inanimate, urging us to contemplate the fine line between living and merely existing.

Dress – Foundry Mews @foundrymews / Earrings – Stylist’s own

Through the lens of “Mannequin,” the lens captures the subtle nuances of human emotion and connection, contrasting them against the stoic and unchanging nature of the mannequin. The interplay of light and shadow accentuates the dichotomy, creating a visual narrative that underscores the dynamic tension between the desire for individuality and the relentless pull of conformity.

Jumpsuit – Lee Jeans @leejeans
Ring/Bracelet – Moushe Designs @moushe_designs
Earrings – Retro Chic @retrochicitaly
Shoes: HuDieGongZhu @hu_die_gong_zhu
Sunglasses – Vivienne Westwood @viviennewestwood
Dress – LOVE, BONFIRE The Label @lovebonfire_thelabel
Rings – Moushe Designs @moushe_designs

The fashion elements in the photoshoot become more than mere adornments; they serve as symbolic threads weaving together the fabric of our shared experiences. The carefully chosen attire represents the societal expectations and roles that we often find ourselves locked into, mirroring the way a mannequin dons different outfits but remains fundamentally unchanged.

Coat dress – r.l.e. @r.l.eofficial
Earrings – Retro Chic @retrochicitaly
Ring – Moushe Designs @moushe_designs
Shoes – Sebago @sebago_world

As viewers navigate through the visual tapestry of “Mannequin,” they are encouraged to question the seemingly unending cycle of routine and sameness. The series challenges us to break free from the mannequin-like existence and embrace the potential for spontaneity, creativity, and self-discovery within the canvas of our own lives.

Dress – Sanna Patrick @sanna.patrick
Ring – Moushe Designs @moushe_designs
Earrings – Retro Chic @retrochicitaly
Cape + Trousers – r.l.e. @r.l.eofficial / Earrings – Moushe Designs @moushe_designs

Ultimately, “Mannequin” is not just a collection of fashion photographs but a profound exploration of the human condition, inviting us to reconsider the meaning and purpose within the repetitive rhythm of our everyday existence.

Team credits:

Photographer and Creative Director
Simran Kaur @simran_k_01

Stylist and Creative Director
Beatriz Severino @beatrizfranciz

Stylist’s assistant
Joana Leite @joanaleite.stylist

Natalia Conde Flores @nataliacondeartistry

Chris Stephens @hairbychrisstephens

Adesewa Awobadejo @adesewa_

Nail Artist
Ting Yuk Kwan @ambrxx_

Set Designer
Kat Easto @blleubelles

Kristie Walt @kristiewalt_

Raihanna Thompson @_raihanna
From MOT Models @motmodels

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