IMOGEN announces the launch of her Wigs label with the inaugural release WIGS001. 

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The EP, WIGS001 is scheduled for 1st of December, boasting collaborations with DJ Stingray 313, Ben Pest, DJ Plant Texture and Jerome Hill.

WIGS001 EP kicks off with a dynamic collaboration as IMOGEN and DJ Stingray 313 unite for their inaugural production venture, presenting ‘A New Earth.’ Scheduled for release on November 9th, this powerful single seamlessly fuses electro and techno elements, creating a robust and stylish energy.

In the collaborative effort ‘Synth Of Hearts,’ IMOGEN joins forces with the esteemed Bristolian artist Ben Pest, delivering a mesmerizing blend of gritty and sonorous electro textures complemented by acid-infused basslines.

Second half of the release is where DJ Plant Texture and Jerome Hill come to play. Jerome Hill‘s ‘Hoods Up‘ loops a catchy sample, twisting the four to the floor approach into a layered acid jacking frenzy that builds up with vigour and patience.


Lastly, ‘What Should I Do Next‘ from DJ Plant Texture proves there‘s no time to waste. Sophisticated
percussion and chopped up broken vocals persisting throughout form a propelling dancefloor driving force.



Wigs was conceived as a project with the intent to revolutionize the party series and workshop experience, placing a strong emphasis on community engagement. Its mission is to unite like-minded ravers, fostering a platform for the emerging generation of artists and party enthusiasts. The label has successfully organized sold-out parties and workshops across Europe, featuring notable names such as Daria Kolosova, UR Trax, Salome, Aquarian, and more.

Wigs also hold a radio residency on NTS, where IMOGEN has engaged in back-to-back sessions with Helena Hauff, Sunil Sharpe, Identified Patient, among others.

Excitingly, Wigs is set to make its debut in New York this November, hosting a special in-store event to celebrate its latest release. Additionally, a London in-store showcase at Phonica is scheduled for December 1st to mark the official release day.

IMOGEN had enjoyed a whirlwind rise, and her reputation as one of the most talented newcomers is being well recognised.

Over the last two years, a glimpse into her discography reveals releases on Earwiggle, fabric, and Shared Meanings, featuring tones that oscillate between fuzzy electro and relentless techno. The DJ/producer commands a sound that defies easy categorization, refusing to be confined to a single genre. In 2019, she secured a residency at fabric and transitioned her monthly radio show to NTS. In 2020, her focus remains on cultivating a sonic identity centered around bass-heavy UK techno.

Sherard Ingram is a menacing node in the vast tangle of electronic music’s history, present, and future. As DJ Stingray 313 he propagates a seer-like, totalising concept of what it is to be engaged in thinking ahead by making people move.

A Detroit native, Ingram is an established figure in electro and techno from its earliest days. His Urban Tribe project is testament to this. First appearing on the genre-defining 1991 compilation ‘Equinox,’ Urban Tribe has come to call Anthony Shakir, Carl Craig, and Kenny Dixon Jr. members of the group. Though perhaps what has thus far come to be Ingram’s most finely calibrated and entirely natural manoeuvre was under the wing of Drexciya’s James Stinson. Performing with Drexciya’s live unit, Ingram took the ‘Drexciyan DJ Stingray’ identity and conjured a torrential storm from the DJ booth.

Ben Pest is a hardware-based live performer, producer and DJ based in Bristol

Ben Pest has established notoriety as an exponent of jacking live hardware-based techno, playing shows at festivals and clubs including Boomtown, Don’t, Uglyfunk, Balter, Glade, Suicide Circus, Berghain, Griessmuehle and Bangface. A Producer, DJ and performer, he has numerous vinyl releases on labels such as Varvet, Mindcut, Don’t, I Love Acid, Asking For Trouble, Horror Boogie, Bonus Round, Victim and his own labels OverworX & Panic Bridge.

Jerome runs the labels Don’t, Super Rhythm Trax & Fat Hop, presents a weekly radio show on London’s Kool FM and DJs regularly around the planet (Earth).

As the popularity of dance music soars, and the contemporary environment becomes saturated with DJs, the roots of the artform can become somewhat lost. In Jerome Hill, we have an artist who represents DJing in its most vivid, creative and versatile form.

Dedication and research are the values characterizing Dj Plant Texture as a musician.

Having a background made of drums, percussion and keyboard studies, Dona has soon found his own path experimenting with machines. Constantly looking to redefine his barriers and enhance his sound design skills, Dona has been plumbing the depths of Electronic music, ranging from Jungle and Drum Bass to Acid and Techno by passing thru Ambient and Electronics.



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