Crisis of Man Imprint Drops Its Second VA, featuring: Declan James, Annika Wolfe, Henry Brooks, Overclocked, Stephen Disario and more.

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Released on 24th February, ‘Core Values Vol. 2’ features 15 never-before-heard hard techno cuts from some of the genre’s most exciting prospects alongside the Crisis of Man label boss himself…

2月24日发行的 “核心价值第二卷 “收录了15首从未听过的硬电子乐作品,这些作品来自该类型中最令人振奋的前景,以及 “人的危机 “厂牌的老板本人…

After a massive year for the rapidly growing California label, Crisis Of Man kicks off 2023 with the second installment of its annual Core Values VA.

 Once again, the compilation brings a swath of the hottest new talent on the planet, each artist bringing their unique brand to the label. Whereas the previous installment had ten artists, Vol. 2 brings the total to 13.

在这个快速成长的加州厂牌经历了巨大的一年之后,Crisis Of Man以其年度核心价值VA的第二部分拉开了2023年的序幕。该汇编再次带来了地球上最热门的新人才,每个艺术家都为该标签带来了他们独特的品牌。上一期有10位艺术家,第二卷使总数达到13位。

Since the previous release, the North American scene has grown tremendously, which this new release proudly presents to the world. While 13 of the 15 artists might be from NA, 2022 saw the label expand beyond the shores to Italy and The Netherlands.


Los Angeles-based artists make a strong showing on the VA. 1 morning kicks things off with the 90s-inspired ‘Fuse’.

Annika Wolfe returns to the label ahead of their future release with industrial leaning ‘Industry Plants’.

Former master photographer Dilate comes in hot with the snappy ‘Outsider’. COM favourite EAS returns with his typical driving and punchy ‘Braindance’. VA mastering engineer and highly respected artist Secus adds the marching and hypnotic ‘Shadow Realm’, while fellow LA legend Steven Disario makes his debut with the stripped-back ‘Moving Heads’. Hardcore duo RS:VC return with their first original track, the melancholic and devastating ‘What I Saw When I Looked In The Mirror’. Brand new artist and mentored by Selective, Xiomar presents his very first release with club-focused ‘Track 2’. And of course, label head Selective Response rounds off the local roster with the catchy ‘Come Hell or High Water’.

以洛杉矶为基地的艺术家们在VA上做出了强有力的展示。1morning以90年代风格的《Fuse》拉开序幕。Annika Wolfe在他们未来的发行之前,以工业倾向的《Industry Plants》回到了厂牌。前摄影大师Dilate带着爽快的《Outsider》来了。COM最受欢迎的EAS以他典型的驱动力和冲力的《Braindance》回归。VA掌握工程师和备受尊敬的艺术家Secus增加了行进和催眠的 “Shadow Realm”,而洛杉矶的传奇人物Steven Disario则以脱胎换骨的 “Moving Heads “首次亮相。硬核二人组RS:VC带着他们的第一首原创歌曲,忧郁和毁灭性的《What I Saw When I Looked In The Mirror》回归。由Selective指导的全新艺术家Xiomar推出了他的第一张专辑,以俱乐部为重点的《Track 2》。当然,厂牌负责人Selective Response以朗朗上口的《Come Hell or High Water》为当地的名册画上句号。

Moving east, New York’s Brälle comes in hot with their psychedelic hammer ‘East Hastings’. Texas Voidware boss Declan James’ ‘First Blood’ is an industrial roller. 

KNTXT artist Henry Brooks brings melodic elements to the release with ‘Lost Premonitions’. Closing out the North American representation is new artist Jana Greenstone, whose broken beat ‘Mine’ is a journey all on its own. And finally, we head across the pond to Italy with LPV’s EBM-inspired Sexual Tension. Closing out the release is Overclocked, a long-time favourite of Selective Response, who ends things with the pumping ‘Open Your Eyes’.

向东走,纽约的Brälle带着他们的迷幻锤子《East Hastings》火速赶来。德州Voidware的老板Declan James的《First Blood》是一首工业化的滚筒。KNTXT艺术家Henry Brooks的《Lost Premonitions》为发行带来了旋律性的元素。新艺术家Jana Greenstone结束了在北美的演出,他的破碎节拍《Mine》是一个独立的旅程。最后,我们带着LPV的EBM灵感的《Sexual Tension》穿越池塘来到意大利。最后,Overclocked是选择性反应的长期最爱,他以《Open Your Eyes》结束了这次发行。

‘Core Values Vol.2’ is out on 24th February 2023 via Crisis Of Man.


Propelling him quickly to the forefront of the American underground, Declan James’ productions are known for their experimental, genre-bending qualities, integrating a wide variety of influences.

From Electroclash to Dancehall into a pummeling techno sound that Resident Advisor has called “futuristic and transfixing” all at once, earning him consistent DJ support from I Hate Models, Dax J, and Slam, among others.

Declan’s sets are notorious for their blistering speed and no-holds-barred approach to track selection, pushing audiences into an absolute frenzy at every turn. With the recent launch of VOIDWARE, a record label and recurring party based in his hometown of Dallas, alongside both domestic and international touring schedules,

Declan is proving to play an important role in the next generation of American Techno producers.

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Instagram: @declanjamesmusic 

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