Jensen Interceptor presents Jensen & Friends — a cross-continental collaboration. Track Premiere + and lil chat!

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International Chrome co-founder Jensen Interceptor proudly presents Jensen & Friends, a freshly-squeezed compilation celebrating the fruits of creative collaboration, forthcoming 1st March 2024. Co-crafted alongside a dynamic roster of artists from around the globe, the LP serves as a vibrant tribute to those who have journeyed alongside Jensen and left an indelible mark on his ever-evolving artistic outlook. We are here to premiere a track Nene H & Jensen Interceptor!


“This album is a celebration of the beautiful relationships formed through music,” says Jensen Interceptor. “It’s a culmination of the last few years spent traveling the world and connecting with like-minded artists and a way of honoring that incredible privilege.”

The 12-track compilation traverses the expansive sonic terrain that Jensen Interceptor has ventured into in recent years, presenting dynamic collaborations with 12 musicians who have enriched his own artistry. Fusing baile funk, footwork, techno, and deconstructed club, the LP presents an energetic assemblage of club-ready bangers guaranteed to galvanize.

nene h Jensen Interceptor Keyi Magazine feature

Hey Mikey, it’s been so long since we talked. How are you doing after the long tour in South America? How’s life?

Hey, I’m doing okay, very busy with International Chrome. I have also been getting back into writing music after taking a little break over the holidays, which has been really nice. South America was incredible, as always. It feels more and more like home each time I go back, largely due to all the beautiful connections I’ve been fortunate enough to make with so many talented people down there, like Kenya20hz and Kue, who are both featured on my new album.

Love the concept of Jensen & Friends? Is it a long-term idea or just a one-time project?

I love working with friends, and there are some other collaborations in the pipeline for sure. So, the odds of a J&F Pt.2 are looking good. However, my focus right now, after wrapping up all these collaborations, is on some fresh new JI EPs and maybe even a new LP for 2025. I can reveal that I have an EP with Yazzus, which will be released at some stage this year.

Hi Nene H, congratulations on the collaboration! The track which we will be premiering is one of our favorites, and we’re happy to have you here. Could you tell us how you met Mikey? And how did this collaboration evolve? Do you plan to work together more in the future?

nene h Keyi Magazine feature

Hey, so happy to be here with you all! 🙂 Yes, I hope we get to work together more, of course! Mikey is one of the most talented and realest ones in the scene, so I am honored to be part of it. We first met when we played a b2b set together during COVID-19 times on Arte TV. We connected right away and are still super good friends. We have been trying to work more, but sadly, due to being busy, we couldn’t manage to do more. But hopefully, in the future, this will continue!

A heartfelt homage to those Interceptor is both inspired by and indebted to, Jensen & Friends is an invigorating adventure across continents via the rich Rolodex of artists on its tracklist— including Turkish-born Nene H, Venezula’s Dagga, Brazilian artist Kenya20hz, and Philly-based estoc. Moreover, it’s a testament to the transcendent power of music.

The album marks the 21st release on the artist’s International Chrome imprint, co-founded with compilation collaborator Assembler Code. Jensen & Friends’ Berlin release will be celebrated via International Chrome’s fourth party at Tresor, which will feature friends and collaborators of the label: IAMX, Lawrence Lee, Dagga, Kenya20hz and Luwei.

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