Emerging as one of Scotland’s most prominent techno talents, Frazi.er is indisputably at the forefront of a new wave of clubbing enthusiasts. Check the talk over KEYI!

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Emerging as one of Scotland’s most prominent techno talents, Frazi.er is indisputably at the forefront of a new wave of clubbing enthusiasts. His distinct, highly sought-after style of uncompromising, rave-oriented techno has garnered acclaim from all who have witnessed his performances. Despite his young age, he has already showcased his skills in over 30 countries worldwide. With releases on renowned labels such as EXHALE, Hydraulix, Sleaze Records, and upcoming music on career-defining platforms, Frazi.er’s raw sound is rapidly gaining credibility and a distinctive identity.

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Originating from an industrious town in Central Scotland with a history of deprivation, Frazi.er has captured the attention of a music-hungry audience. His experiential club nights have become some of the most coveted tickets in his home country, evidenced by the sold-out show at The Hydro, one of Europe’s largest arenas. A testament to this popularity is the Open To Close event at SWG3’s “Galvanizer” warehouse, selling out two dates in just 14 minutes and crashing Resident Advisor. This night features extended, high-intensity techno, a light show rivaling top European festivals, and the distinction of being the first in the UK to implement a ‘no camera policy,’ much to the delight of clubbers. It’s no surprise that legends Slam invited him for a special b2b to close Riverside Festival, creating an iconic collaboration where two worlds collide.

スコットランドで最も優れたテクノの才能の一つとして浮上しているFrazi.erは、間違いなく新しいクラブ愛好者の波の最前線に立っています。彼の独自で非妥協的な、レイヴ志向のテクノは、そのパフォーマンスを目撃したすべての人々から称賛されています。若い年齢にもかかわらず、既に世界中で30か国以上でその腕前を披露しています。EXHALE、Hydraulix、Sleaze Recordsなどの著名なレーベルでのリリースと、キャリアを定義するプラットフォームでの新しい音楽により、Frazi.erの生のサウンドは急速に信頼性を得て独自のアイデンティティを形成しています。

資源に乏しい歴史を持つ中央スコットランドの町から出身して、Frazi.erは音楽に飢える観客の注目を集めています。彼の体験豊かなクラブナイトは、彼の母国で最も求められるチケットの一部となっており、ヨーロッパ最大のアリーナであるThe Hydroでのソールドアウトのショーがその人気を物語っています。これを証明するのは、SWG3の「Galvanizer」倉庫でのOpen To Closeイベントで、たった14分で2回の日程が完売し、Resident Advisorをクラッシュさせたことです。この夜は延長された、ハイインテンシティのテクノ、ヨーロッパの一流フェスティバルに匹敵する光のショー、そしてクラバーの歓喜をもたらす「ノーカメラポリシー」の導入に特徴があります。それがUKで最初のものであり、観客の歓喜の的です。Slamの伝説たちが彼を特別なb2bでRiverside Festivalを締めくくるように招待したことも驚くべきことではありません。ここで二つの世界が交わるアイコニックなコラボレーションが生まれました。

“Raw, fast & energetic” – that’s what you’re mostly known for. How did you develop your style in DJing and music production? Was it influenced by the same kind of music you enjoyed as a clubber, or has your taste changed over the years?

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Absolutely, that’s precisely it. My inspiration stems from the fast-paced, old-school techno vibes, especially drawn to the raw rhythms and grooves that define this genre.

This element has always been a part of my sound, and over the years, I’ve progressively developed it further. Whether I’m playing a warm-up set or an open-to-close with dance elements, you can always sense this energy in my music.

At the age of 18, I visited Berlin with friends, aiming to experience the renowned clubs. While we didn’t make it into Berghain, we were fortunate enough to gain entry to Tresor, and it was a mind-blowing experience. Stepping into the club, I felt an instant surge of intensity—an authentic underground atmosphere with just a few strobes and xenon bulbs illuminating the space. We positioned ourselves at the bottom of the club to catch a glimpse of the DJ, identified as the local resident DJ Tag. Witnessing him spin vinyl, deftly mixing and blending tracks within 30 seconds, playing genuine, stripped-back techno was awe-inspiring. This trip left an indelible mark on me, particularly in terms of my fascination with raw percussions and noises.

Seeing Dax J and DJ Rush perform at Awakenings for the first time was another transformative experience. Instantly, I knew I had to discover where to get those tracks, leading me to delve into old-school labels like Monnom Black, Hydraulix, Bound, Electric Deluxe. Additionally, I had the privilege of exploring releases from Scottish labels such as Soma Records by Slam, Bek Audio by Gary Beck, and Sleaze Records by Hans Bouffmyhre—each contributing significant tracks to the techno scene.

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18歳の時、友達と一緒にベルリンを訪れ、有名なクラブを体験しようとしました。Berghainには入ることができませんでしたが、Tresorに入ることができ、それは驚きの体験でした。クラブに足を踏み入れると、即座に強烈な緊張感が広がり、数本のストロボとキセノン電球だけが空間を照らしていました。私たちはクラブの一番下に立ち、DJ Tagという地元のレジデントDJがプレイしているのを垣間見ることができました。彼がビニールを回し、30秒以内に新しいトラックをミックスし、ブレンドし、真正面からのテクノをプレイするのを見ることは感動的でした。この旅は私にとって不可解なパーカッションとノイズへの魅了についての特筆すべきものとなりました。

Dax JとDJ RushがAwakeningsで初めて演奏するのを見たのも別の変容の瞬間でした。即座に、それらのトラックをどこで手に入れるかを知らなければならないと感じ、Monnom Black、Hydraulix、Bound、Electric Deluxeなどのオールドスクールのレーベルに没頭することになりました。さらに、Soma Records(Slamによる)、Bek Audio(Gary Beckによる)、Sleaze Records(Hans Bouffmyhreによる)など、スコットランドのレーベルからのリリースを探る特権も得ました。それぞれがテクノシーンに重要なトラックを提供しています。

You’re no longer a ‘rising star’ of the modern techno stage; you’ve become a highly appreciated and acclaimed DJ. Have you noticed that your position has shifted from the ‘new faces’ category to the ‘professional’ category? And do you feel that this title sets the bar very high, or do you just not really care about it?

In a sense, yes, considering some of the significant achievements I’ve experienced. However, I recognize that I’m still a long way from reaching my desired status as a complete artist. The music scene is evolving at an unprecedented pace, with new DJs emerging weekly, necessitating constant progression. Despite the pressure, especially during larger shows in Scotland and the UK, where expectations are high, I still feel a bit like I’m in the same place I was two years ago, given the rapid influx of new talent.

Traditionally, it would take around five years of honing your sound and DJ sets before gaining traction, but now, with the swift emergence of new talents, it’s challenging to keep up, leading to a natural saturation of the scene. Admittedly, I may have lost some of the initial hype due to this new wave, but I believe I’ve gained more respect as an artist from those who were involved before the COVID era.



You’ve had the honor of releasing for or sharing the stage with artists like Amelie Lens, Dax J, Speedy J, SHDW & Obscure Shape, and Klangkuenstler. What was the biggest lesson you’ve taken from these techno top-stars? And how did you manage to meet their expectations regarding the collaboration?

Performing at a high standard in these situations is always a given. It compels you to prepare meticulously for these sets, with the ultimate goal of elevating your sound to the next level. Sharing the stage with renowned artists like Dax J, Speedy J, and KlangKuenstler, you quickly grasp the high intensity at which these individuals perform. Initially, you might feel a bit out of your depth, but that’s a natural part of the learning curve—taking these situations in your stride is key.

Preparation is paramount, and having a repertoire of new and exciting tracks is essential to infuse fresh energy into your performance. It’s a crucial aspect of evolving as a DJ. I’ve also discovered that, more often than not, some of the resident DJs in new cities I played in were the ones blowing me away. I used to make it a point to arrive an hour before and stay an hour after my set to catch other DJs in action. In today’s scene, there seems to be a focus on big names, but investing time in new talent is vital for the health of our club culture.

これらの状況で高い水準での演奏は常に前提とされています。これには、これらのセットに対する入念な準備が必要であり、最終的な目標はあなたのサウンドを次のレベルに引き上げることです。Dax J、Speedy J、およびKlangKuenstlerのような著名なアーティストと同じステージを共有すると、これらの個々のパフォーマンスの高い強度をすぐに理解することができます。最初は少し深みにはまったように感じるかもしれませんが、それは学習曲線の自然な部分です。こうした状況を乗り越えることが重要です。


You’ve achieved one of your biggest dreams – playing your first set at London’s iconic fabric. What does this debut mean to you? How did you prepare for this gig, and what’s the next milestone you aim to reach?

Securing a slot at this iconic club was a massive career milestone for me, considering its profound value and legacy in the music industry. Playing the extended closing set after a high-energy DJ added an extra layer of pressure, given their fast-paced style. I started more gradually than their closing track but successfully built up the energy, ensuring everyone remained on the dancefloor until the final track—a mission accomplished for me! Excitingly, discussions for the next date at the venue are already in progress.

Looking ahead, my next significant goal is playing at the Awakenings Festival, a dream since I first got into it. While the prospect of playing at Berghain & Bassiani would be fantastic, I believe these opportunities should naturally unfold, and I won’t force them. I’ve learned not to add unnecessary pressure on myself—I guess I already put enough pressure on myself…haha!


将来に向けて、次の重要な目標はAwakenings Festivalでの演奏です。これは私が初めて音楽に触れた時からの夢です。Berghain&Bassianiでの演奏の可能性は素晴らしいものでしょうが、これらの機会は自然に展開すべきだと信じており、無理に進めません。余計なプレッシャーを自分にかけないようになりました──もう十分なプレッシャーをかけていると思います…笑!

Which moment in your career, up until today, was the real game-changer and gave you the biggest power to move forward? And which of your releases are you most proud of?

The inaugural OVO Hydro show marked the most surreal and significant moment for me. I vividly recall wandering around the arena before it commenced, marveling at the idea of hosting a techno show in such a grand space. It felt like a scene from a movie, an experience that people still talk about regularly. It’s challenging to pinpoint my absolute favorite moment. Currently, I believe my forthcoming music represents my best work, and I’m pleased to have elevated my production to a level that satisfies me.

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Looking ahead, I am excited about launching my new record label, Parallel Visions, next year. It’s a project I’ve been eager to bring to fruition and one that I temporarily put on hold for a couple of years. Taking my time with it proved valuable, especially considering the lengthy pressing times until this year. In 2024, the focus will be on introducing my sound, establishing a robust identity for the label, and in 2025, I plan to release my debut album. The journey has been deliberate, and I’m eager to see these plans unfold.

OVO Hydroの初のショーは、私にとって最も不思議で重要な瞬間でした。始まる前にアリーナを歩き回り、こんなに壮大な場所でテクノショーを開催するアイディアに驚嘆しました。まるで映画の一場面のようで、今でも人々が定期的に話題にしている体験でした。私の絶対的なお気に入りの瞬間を特定するのは難しいです。現在、私は今後の音楽が私の最高の仕事を表していると考えており、自分を満足させるレベルまで制作を高めることができて嬉しいです。

将来に向けて、来年、私は新しいレコードレーベル「Parallel Visions」を立ち上げることに興奮しています。これは私が実現させたかったプロジェクトであり、一時的に数年間保留にしていました。それに十分な時間をかけることは、特に今年までの長いプレス時間を考慮すると価値がありました。2024年には、私のサウンドを紹介し、レーベルの堅固なアイデンティティを確立することに焦点を当て、2025年にはデビューアルバムをリリースする予定です。この旅は計画的であり、これらの計画がどのように展開するかを楽しみにしています。

You used to be a professional football player in your teens. Reflecting on the past, do you see any similarities between the world of sports and the music industry? How has the experience you gained in the past helped you in your DJing career, or perhaps there are no touchpoints at all?

Yeah, actually, haha. I played at a professional level for several years, and even in my early teens, it was at a highly intense and competitive level. I can definitely relate to how the current DJ scene is. Looking back, I realize it naturally instilled in me a drive to succeed, even though I eventually lost interest in playing. My main focus shifted to partying, and a couple of years later, I found myself drawn into the music industry.

From a very young age, many people expected me to become a famous footballer. I even met David Beckham and had a picture with him in the local paper. Reflecting on it, family members and friends would always inquire about my football progress, creating naturally high expectations. Perhaps that’s why I’m always tough on myself, constantly seeking more from everything. I believe having ambitions is good, but it’s equally important to stay grounded and accept that not everything will work out. Sometimes, it’s the failures that shape who you are!



Spacious and wild warehouses, smaller (but still very passionate) clubs – or maybe there is another event formula that suits you best? Also, do you enjoy going out on your days off, or do you leave ‘the job’ in its ‘office’?

I find that my best performances happen in intimate clubs or small warehouses with a dark, high-intensity light installation, a solid sound system, and an engaged crowd. The freedom to take people on a journey, layering sounds across 3 or 4 decks, consistently produces the most exhilarating results and vibes!

Whenever I have the opportunity, I make it a point to spend extra time clubbing in Berlin, particularly at places like Berghain. The inspiration I gather there is invaluable, serving as a reminder of the thriving underground scene before returning to Scotland, where the atmosphere is comparatively more relaxed.

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For me, it never feels like work. I could easily spend hours in my studio room, working on music projects every day. Switching off is a challenge; I’m constantly immersed in some musical endeavor. To be honest, I’m likely working on something music-related for about 14 hours every day at the moment!




What’s the biggest challenge that electronic music artists must face nowadays, and why? Also, what was the most demanding situation you’ve experienced in your roles as a DJ, organizer, promoter, and artist, and how did you navigate through it?

I believe the most significant challenge for many DJs at the moment is navigating the evolving demand amid the emergence of new social media and TikTok trends. There’s been a notable surge of hardstyle and hard dance falling under the umbrella of “techno,” creating confusion in the market. It’s crucial for promoters to carefully structure the lineup, ensuring a well-crafted warm-up set and a gradual flow throughout the night. Unfortunately, this essential aspect has been somewhat neglected in the past year.

On a positive note, amidst these challenges, there’s a wealth of fantastic music and fresh, groovy sounds emerging. I always strive to maintain an optimistic perspective and avoid sounding overly negative. 🙂

今、多くのDJにとって最も重要な課題は、新しいソーシャルメディアやTikTokのトレンドの登場と共に進化する需要を航海することだと考えています。 “テクノ”の傘下にハードスタイルやハードダンスが顕著に増加しており、市場に混乱が生じています。プロモーターがラインナップを慎重に構築し、緻密に計画されたウォームアップセットと夜全体を通しての徐々のフローを確保することが重要です。残念ながら、この重要な側面は過去の1年間である程度無視されてきました。

良い面では、これらの課題の中で、素晴らしい音楽と新鮮でグルーヴィーなサウンドが次々と現れています。私は常に楽観的な視点を維持し、あまりにも否定的に聞こえないように努めています。 🙂

I suppose that one of the most difficult moments so far was the closure of the SYMBOL club in Glasgow. It had been running for a very short time, unfortunately, and the venue was truly loved by the audience. How does it feel to leave behind a precious part of yourself that could have evolved into a vital place for the Scottish rave community? Do you think SYMBOL can make a comeback in the future, or have you decided to focus on other aspects of your career right now?

For me, this proved to be an incredibly challenging experience, especially considering the substantial investment of time, energy, and resources in establishing a fresh underground club space in the city. It was a significant learning curve in many respects, and in hindsight, it became evident that the timing wasn’t right for the venture to succeed.

The ultimate goal for me had always been to own a club. When initially presented with the opportunity, I hesitated, but later accepted the challenge with the hope of contributing to the growth of the club scene in Scotland, given the apparent lack of venues to meet the demand.

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However, the realization dawned that achieving the full vision of prioritizing music and fostering a community was not feasible, and I take pride in having taken the initiative.

At present, my focus is solely on advancing my personal career, without allowing other projects to hinder my progress or, worse yet, lead to burnout—a regrettable outcome in this particular case.




We’re living in the times of the social media boom, with huge careers emerging in a day and the vision of wealth, prosperity, and great success… but we hardly ever speak about failure, self-doubts, or insecurities. What does this mean to you? How can we deal with the selectively real image of the industry, and how can we stay true to ourselves?

Excellent question, and it’s highly pertinent across the entire industry, especially considering the peculiar circumstances of this past year. I believe it’s crucial to address such matters openly. In reality, no business or project is consistently 100% successful. Embracing failure and overcoming hurdles are integral aspects that contribute to personal strength and growth.

Maintaining openness and transparency can be challenging, especially when your content primarily consists of videos or pictures. However, I appreciate witnessing individuals open up on a more personal level in interviews. This approach provides a genuine realization that not everything is always as seamless and easy as social media may sometimes portray.



Apart from music, what brings you happiness, self-realization, and helps boost creativity? What are your hobbies, and how do they influence your life?

Music is at the core of my entire existence, shaping my daily life. However, amidst the beats and rhythms, I find immense joy in spending time with my Grandma, who stands as one of my greatest inspirations and the most authentic person you’ll ever meet. At 84, she surprised everyone by joining me at my last Hydro event, dancing away with sunglasses on and happily taking selfies with fellow revelers. Despite her aversion to the music, she had promised to relish every moment, and she truly did, much to everyone’s amusement.

While I strive for a balanced and healthy lifestyle—hitting the gym, nourishing myself with good food—there are inevitable phases of letting loose. Taking breaks and having downtime become crucial amid this vibrant rhythm. Beyond these moments, escaping to a serene and sun-soaked destination is vital for me to recharge and discover fresh creative inspiration. The prospect of unwinding somewhere warm is not just a luxury but a necessity, and I find myself experiencing withdrawals when I can’t escape to a hot and relaxing retreat!






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