“Las hermanas de negro” fashion story with poem by Lucia Vittoria Sabba

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Lucia Vittoria Sabba multitalent from Spain shares her photographic work for KEYI including a beautiful poem. Enjoy!

Photography : Lucia Vittoria Sabba

Their long black dresses, like mourning shrouds,
Fluttered in the gentle breeze,
Their heads bowed low, beneath their clouds,
Of heartbreak and memories.

No words were spoken, no tears were shed,
Their silence spoke volumes, of loss and regret,
As they walked on, like the living dead,
In a world that they could not forget.

And so they wandered, the sisters in black,
In the south of Spain, where the sun beats down,
Their hearts so heavy, they could not turn back,
Lost in their grief, forever bound.

Photography : Lucia Vittoria Sabba @fotografia_luciavittoriasabba
Models : Faendrena Fernández Rodríguez @faenfer08_30, Marta González Manso @mrtaglezz

Styling : Lucia Vittoria Sabba

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