Turbo Recordings proudly unveils Anastasia Kristenen ‘s label debut with her electrifying EP, “Moments of Inertia”

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As Turbo embarks on its 26th year, the enduring vitality of techno music continues to astonish us. Despite expectations to reach a saturation point, we find ourselves privileged to showcase the innovative work of artists like Anastasia Kristensen, whose Copenhagen roots infuse her sound with a distinct narrative grandeur.

Breaking free from Norway’s dominant hip-hop scene, “Moments of Inertia” transcends boundaries, conjuring a sonic landscape reminiscent of clandestine dimensional machinery. Tracks like “Paradox & Puzzle” resonate with a magnetic allure, reminiscent of Tiga’s equally captivating escape room gastropub.

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The EP opens with the dynamic “I’d Love To Do It”, where Anastasia Kristenen ‘s enigmatic vocals intertwine with vivacious drum programming. “Paradox & Puzzle” follows suit, leading listeners on a mesmerizing journey through sonic intricacies. Closing the ensemble, the title track exudes industrial fervor, encapsulating Anastasia’s futuristic vision.

For those questioning Turbo’s vigor in its mid-20s, we challenge you to reconsider. Music, as we firmly believe, holds the power to illuminate even the darkest of hours.

Anastasia Kristenen ‘s “Moments Of Inertia” drops on Turbo Recordings on April 26th, with “I’d Love To Do It” releasing as a single on March 1st, and “Paradox & Puzzle” following on March 22nd. Get ready to immerse yourself in a sonic odyssey unlike any other.

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Photographer Andre Hansen

Photo assistant: Halfdan Hein

MUA: Julie Prødel

Stylist: Ida Bredmose Langkjær