MEET:HÈCTOR OAKS interview and photos by Izabella Chrobok & Grzegorz Bacinski

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photoshoot with hector oaks for keyi magazine Berlin by keyi studio
photoshoot with hector oaks for keyi magazine Berlin by keyi studio
photoshoot with hector oaks for keyi magazine Berlin by keyi studio
photoshoot with hector oaks for keyi magazine Berlin by keyi studio
photoshoot with hector oaks for keyi magazine Berlin by keyi studio
photoshoot with hector oaks for keyi magazine Berlin by keyi studio

Disc-jockey, operates at the vanguard of rave, label honcho of OAKS and KAOS. As one of Europe’s most wanted underground weapons, Héctor Oaks style stands out for playing the unexpected and the highly engaging. As DJ, producer and label head his take on techno resonates by combining the contemporary with hand-picked tracks from the history of rave culture. 

Héctor Oaks seeks for the sweet spot between tracks that are connected not by genre but vibe and style.

唱片骑师,在rave的先锋,OAKS和KAOS的标签荣誉。作为欧洲最受欢迎的地下武器之一,Héctor Oaks的风格以出人意料和高度吸引人的演奏而著称。作为DJ、制作人和唱片公司的负责人,他对Techno的看法是将现代音乐与从rave文化历史中精心挑选的曲目相结合,从而产生共鸣。Héctor Oaks寻找的是歌曲之间的最佳点,不是以流派而是以氛围和风格来连接。

KEYI: We have lots of new readers in Asia who are new into the culture of techno as well, tell us about yourself and how did you start? 

Hector: I have been a DJ since I was 16… well I’ve got turntables at that age. I did start to play music for friends and so on. I have never thought that I would become a DJ professionally until I was about 20 years old… After that I came to Berlin one time and went to a party… That is when I realized, that everything I want to do is to be able to play in this club one day… So after that I decide to move to Berlin.I started my journey as a sound engineer and shortly after that I started to work in one of the best record stores in the city, Record Loft. Working at Record Loft allowed me to expose myself to music from all over the world and it has really shaped my style I believe. Most of the artists working there weren’t really into techno as much as I was therefore I feel like I got tons of inspiration that motivated me to work on my sound. Step by step getting into music world also brought me the point when I’ve started producing my own. That is when I started my own label, I think at that point I finally had an idea (and the knowledge) of the music was really into. I did also start my studies. Somehow that gave me, maybe special position, compared to other people at my age during that time. Prior to that I played both – vinyl & cd’s, but I guess because of the record store influence I decided to keep playing vinyl only. 

I believe that might also be one of the reasons why I started to get some attention. I was receiving a good amount of music from friends that I started to release, then more and more good music was coming my way therefore I decided to start another label with people that I was admiring, playing music that I absolutely loved and …now we are here !


Hector: 我从16岁起就开始做DJ了… 那个年纪就有了转盘。我确实开始为朋友表演等等。我从来没有想过我会成为一个专业的DJ,直到我20岁的时候……。在那之后,有一次我来到柏林,参加了一个派对… … 那时我意识到,我想做的一切都是为了有一天能在这个俱乐部里演奏……所以在那之后我决定搬到柏林。 我是以一名录音师的身份开始我的音乐之旅的,不久之后,我开始在这个城市最好的唱片店之一,Record Loft工作。在Record Loft的工作让

我接触到了来自世界各地的音乐,我相信这也真正塑造了我的风格。在那里工作的大多数艺术家并不像我一样喜欢电子乐,因此我觉得我得到了大量的灵感,激励我去创作我的声音。一步步进入音乐世界也让我开始制作自己的音乐。也就是在那个时候,我开始了自己的厂牌,我想在那个时候,我终于对音乐有了一个想法(和知识)。 我也确实开始了我的学业。不知何故,这也许给了我特殊的立场,在那个时期,与其他同龄人相比。在此之前,我同时玩黑胶和CD,但我想是因为受到唱片店的影响,我决定只玩黑胶。 我相信这可能也是我开始得到一些关注的原因之一。我从朋友那里收到了大量的音乐,我开始发布这些音乐,然后越来越多的好音乐来到我的身边,因此我决定成立另一个标签,和我所欣赏的人一起,播放我绝对喜欢的音乐,然后……现在我们就在这里了

KEYI: I see that the record store gave you a lots of experience at that time and you are very grateful for that opportunity?

Hector: Definitely! It was crazy. I was working there for 3 years, it was like attending an electronic music university or something! All of the people were playing disco and then drum n bass and ebm. I wasn’t familiar with those things, it was pretty new to me. I guess I should say I was somewhat familiar with as my father played synth pop at home, but I didn’t associate it so much with electronic music which I then I discovered.


Hector: 绝对是!那真是太疯狂了。我在那里工作了3年,就像在电子音乐大学上学一样!所有的人都在玩迪斯科,然后是drum n bass和ebm。所有的人都在玩迪斯科,然后是drum n bass和ebm。我对这些东西不熟悉,对我来说很陌生。我想我应该说我是有点熟悉的,因为我父亲在家里玩合成器流行音乐,但我并没有把它和电子音乐联系起来,后来我才发现。

KEYI: How it’s exactly to be Hector Oaks?

Hector: I consider myself really lucky and I’m very thankful for all the opportunities that came my way.  I wake up every morning grateful for all I have accomplished. I listen to music every morning, then I think about the weekend… It’s much harder now during the Corona virus crisis though. Most of the time I’m at home preparing for the gig, besides that I also make music. When I have something to express myself I definitely will do it but I do not force myself to just make something. I prefer to make music in the moments I feel like I HAVE TO.


Hector: 我认为自己真的很幸运,我非常感谢所有的机会,来到我的方式。 每天早上醒来,我都会对自己所取得的成就心存感激。我每天早上都会听音乐,然后再想想周末的事情。不过现在由于新冠病毒的危机,这就更难了. 大部分时间我都是在家里准备演出,除此之外我还会做音乐。当我有东西要表达自己的时候,我一定会去做,但我不会强迫自己去随便做一些东西。我更喜欢在我觉得必须要做的时刻做音乐。

KEYI: What have you been up to recently?

Hector: I consider myself lucky because I have been able to play 3 to 4 shows per month and during this time that’s huge! It was so great to do them all! They were very special to me. I was in Georgia for almost 3 weeks and played there twice too. I had an incredible opportunity to explore some of the country and met so many interesting people, it was a great time!


Hector: 我认为自己是幸运的,因为我已经能够 每个月演出3到4场, 在这段时间,这是巨大的!能把它们全部做完真是太好了! 他们对我来说非常特别。我在佐治亚州待了将近3周,也在那里演出了两场。我有一个难以置信的机会去探索这个国家的一些地方,并且认识了很多有趣的人,那是一段很美好的时光。

KEYI: How was it? I assume it was much different since we’re still during the COVID crisis…

Hector:   In Madrid It was tough and the measures of social distancing weren’t very clear I guess. It was their first party since re-opening. Much less people of course, but the vibe was unbelievable!

I think that one positive thing from this entire situation is the fact that people appreciate things much more than before, and they are not taking stuff for granted you know?

Hector:   在马德里,这是很艰难的,我想社会疏远的措施也不是很明确 那是他们重新开业后的第一次聚会。当然,人少了很多,但氛围是令人难以置信的!


KEYI: We remember you had the situation in Georgia that you run out of vinyls.Tell us what happened?

Hector: They told me that I will play 5 hours so I brought the records for that. After playin  7.5 I could play some B-sides at the end but I make it to play longer and at some point I played all the closing tracks I could go back to beginning of the set and play B-sides again but I didn’t expect to play that long. I remember after 6h they came to me and say you can play as long as you want. And I was like …“you’re telling me now?!” You know, but in Georgia I guess people don’t want to leave. I only remember this one time it was day after New Year’s Eve. I started to play at 6am and I finished around 6:30pm and that time people were really tired and I think I played one more song and they were happy to leave.


Hector: 他们告诉我,我会玩5个小时,所以我带了记录。在玩了7.5小时后,我可以在最后玩一些B-sides,但我让它玩得更长,在某些时候,我玩了所有的结束曲目,我可以回到开始的时候再玩B-sides,但我没想到会玩那么久。我记得在6小时后,他们来找我,说你想玩多久就玩多久。我当时就想…… “你现在才告诉我?”你知道,但在乔治亚州,我想人们是不想离开的。我只记得有一次,那是除夕的第二天。我从早上6点开始演奏,大约6点半结束,那个时候人们真的很累,我想我再演奏一首歌,他们就高兴地离开了。

KEYI: How would you compare scenes there and in Berlin?

Hector: I think the scene in Berlin is more mature, the main difference is that people live way better here. That helps them to express themselves differently I believe. In Georgia they really need the time to go through their culture issues and their ethic issues so for them it’s very important to go for a rave. People go to Bassiani and it’s like their football team, lol! They are extremely passionate about their events and it’s often the only place where they can sometimes be themselves too. Nobody will judge them, you can do whatever you

want and chose to be whoever you like at moment. Besides that it’s still conservative country with their values. Bassiani is more than a club the freedom which you can get there is the same as in Berghain which is very important for them. In Berlin at the end you go to the club and afterwards you still can be who you are but in Georgia BASSIANI has this function.


Hector: 我认为柏林更成熟,主要的区别是人们在这里生活得更好。我相信这有助于他们以不同的方式表达自己。在格鲁吉亚,他们真的需要时间去解决他们的文化问题和伦理问题,所以对他们来说,去参加狂欢是非常重要的。人们去Bassiani就像他们的足球队一样,我!他们对自己的活动非常热情。他们对自己的活动极度热情,这往往是他们有时也能做自己的唯一地方。没有人会评判他们,你可以做任何你想做的事,选择做你喜欢的人的时刻。除此之外,这里还是一个保守的国家,有他们的价值观。Bassiani不仅仅是一个俱乐部,在那里你可以得到和Berghain一样的自由,这对他们来说非常重要。在柏林,最后你去俱乐部,之后你仍然可以做你自己,但在格鲁吉亚BASSIANI有这个功能。

KEYI: Unfortunately the time of good weather in Berlin is going to end soon.  

How do you see the next few months? Any plans you can share with us? Do you think government will help artists to survive this time?

Hector:  Nothing big coming up due to current circumstances, hopefully there won’t be another shutdown with everything that is going on… I’m open to some small, private parties, we will see. I hope that the government will be still helping financially, I did overhear somewhere that there will be a chance to get some financial if you’re a freelancer, but we shall see what happens… I’m happy to play the 4th of October in a big synoid party at their new venue. That’s really exciting!


Hector: 由于目前的情况,没有什么大事发生。 希望不会有另一个关闭 与一切正在发生的事情… 我是开放的一些小, 私人聚会,我们将拭目以待。我希望政府仍然会在经济上给予帮助,我确实在某处无意中听说,如果你是自由职业者,会有机会得到一些经济上的帮助,但我们将拭目以待……我很高兴能在10月4日在他们的新场地举行的大型synoid派对上演出。这真是太令人兴奋了!

We are very curious about your experience in China, you played there couple of times and you visited TAG twice. What’s so special about that place? 

Any stories you can share?

Hector: China is one of my favourite places to play! And yes, especially at TAG in Chengdu. It was quite surprising for me as I didn’t have any high expectations and then I found that amazing club. I noticed that both Chinese and Spanish people have a lot of things in common. They are both very much about their families and friends which I love. People also have 

very high integrity, if you are their friend they would definitely stand for you, it’s amazing. I can certainly say that I felt an amazing connection with people there, it was truly special. There are still people that I’m connected with through email and social media. What was funny about the last event there is that I pretty much run out of records to play, we were there for almost 9 hrs. I didn’t expect to play for that long lol and after that we went and got that amazing hot pot! One of the best I ever experienced for sure!


Hector 中国是我最喜欢玩的地方之一! 是的,尤其是在成都的TAG。这对我来说是相当意外的,因为我没有任何很高的期望,然后我发现了那个神奇的俱乐部。我发现中国人和西班牙人都有很多共同点。他们都很注重自己的家人和朋友,我很喜欢。人们的诚信度也非常高,如果你是他们的朋友,他们一定会站在你的立场上,这很神奇。我可以肯定地说,我在那里感受到了与人们的惊人联系,这真的很特别。现在还有人通过电子邮件和社交媒体和我联系。最后一次活动有趣的是,我几乎没有唱片可玩了,我们在那里玩了差不多9个小时。我没想到会玩那么久,之后我们就去吃了那个令人惊奇的火锅!这是我经历过的最好的火锅之一。这是我经历过的最好的一次!

KEYI: Did you meet any Asian artists that you would be interested to collaborate with?

Hector: I met couple of DJs and residents from TAG, but I would certainly love to meet more singers and/or rappers with whom I could collaborate. Unfortunately I didn’t have a chance this time, hopefully that will change if I get another chance to visit.


Hector: 我遇到了几个DJ和TAG的工作人员,但我当然很想遇到更多的歌手和/或说唱歌手,我可以和他们合作。很遗憾这次我没有机会,希望下次有机会再来的话会有改变。

KEYI: How many days did you spend in China?

I went there twice and stayed about 2 weeks.



KEYI: That’s a pretty long trip, so besides Chengdu where else did you play?

Hector: Beijing, Shanghai, Chongqing and Guangzhou I guess that’s it. Guangzhou was pretty crazy too, it was located at the top floor of a hotel. It started a bit strange I’m not going to lie, there were tables set up which is pretty unusual for a club, but they did finally take them away lol. Also it’s interesting to mention that when I first arrived there was a DJ there playing deep house and there were people sitting down, enjoying fruit 🙂 ha-ha but anyway it was overall a great experience.




Besides China you still haven’t played in other parts of Asia. Where would you like to play? Have you thought about this? 

Hector: A little while ago I actually met the owner from South Korean club – Faust Markus L  and we planned an Asian tour. It was supposed to take place in Japan, South Korea, China and Mongolia. I was super excited about it but unfortunately it didn’t happen due to Covid-19. I truly hope we can reconnect though as I would love to experience that. I’m especially curious about Mongolia so keep your fingers crossed!


Hector:前不久我遇到了韩国俱乐部的老板 Faust Markus L,我们计划了一次亚洲之旅。本来应该在日本、韩国、中国和蒙古进行。我对此超级兴奋,但不幸的是,由于Covid-19,它没有发生。不过我真心希望我们能再次相聚,因为我很想体验一下。我对蒙古国特别好奇,所以请你祈祷吧!

KEYI: Looking back at your tours before the pandemic started what was the craziest party that you remember?

Hector: The craziest?? Ha ha!  In my life?? Whoa… 🙂 I remember a few, but I guess Herrensauna closings are the ones were I had the greatest memories. There was one in January of last year, which was really good. 

I didn’t get a chance to play that long in Berlin anymore as you can do long closings in couple of places right now. I’m also touring normally a lot so it was hard to catch one.  I remember we closed once the Herrensauna XXL in Tresor and it went until 7pm the following day!


Hector: 最疯狂的?哈哈!我一生中最疯狂的?  在我的生活中?哇… 🙂 我记得有几个,但我想Herrensauna关闭是那些我有最美好的回忆。去年1月有一次,非常好。我已经没有机会在柏林演出那么久了,因为现在你可以在几个地方进行长时间的闭馆演出。我平时也经常巡演,所以很难赶上一场。 我记得我们有一次在Tresor的Herrensauna XXL闭馆,一直到第二天晚上7点才结束。

KEYI: And then you guys had after party?

Yeah there was an after party! Of course! 


当然!我们必须有下半场的聚会 😉

KEYI: You were still playing?

Hector: Ha ha! Of course. For example we build that, you can see of the top of the booth there is this 102db that happened exactly that day like in Tresor for the volume. We were making fun that we are playing over red.

KEYI: 所以你还是继续DJ?

Hector: 哈哈!当然了。比如我们搭建的,你可以看到展台的顶部有这个102分贝,那天正好发生了像在Tresor的音量。我们在取笑我们是玩过红。

KEYI: You seems like a very calm and relaxed person.  Do you stress sometimes? What is your biggest fear? How do you deal with it?

Hector: I stress from time to time, who doesn’t? However if I stress it’s in a good way. The other day I stressed in possession. Everything is on the stage there, they are not sure of using turntables, always asking if it’s going to be ok of course you are surrounded by lots of people when you changing it with the cd’s. You sometimes stress in the beginning but then I put first record and it’s ok.

KEYI:你看起来是一个很平静、很放松的人。 你有时会有压力吗?你最大的恐惧是什么?你是怎么处理的?

Hector: 我时常会有压力,谁不会呢?但即使我有压力,也是以一种好的形式表达。前几天我在占有中强调。所有的东西都在舞台上,他们对使用转盘没有把握,总是问是否可以,当然,当你用CD换的时候,你周围有很多人。一开始你有时会紧张,但后来我放第一张唱片就OK了。

Do you feel a lot of pressure or not really?

Hector: Believe it or not I don’t feel much pressure professionally, as I make music mostly for myself to play and I only release what I’m truly comfortable with. I don’t care much what other people think or say, and don’t get me wrong, everyone is entitled to their opinion, but this has been working for me so far. It’s similar when it comes to my label, everything that is chosen is quite solid if you know what I mean so there are no fears. I do have to 

confess thought that I’m a little afraid of spiders! I don’t want to hurt them but I don’t want to see them either lol!


Hector: 信不信由你,我并不觉得有多大的职业压力,因为我做音乐主要是为了自己玩,我只发布我真正满意的东西。我不太在意别人的想法和评价,不要误会我的意思,每个人都有权利发表自己的意见,但这对我来说,到目前为止一直都很有效。在我的标签上也是如此,如果你明白我的意思,一切选择都是相当稳妥的,所以没有任何恐惧。我确实不得不承认思想,我有点害怕蜘蛛!我不想伤害他们。我不想伤害他们,但我也不想看到他们哈哈哈哈哈哈哈!

KEYI: Have you ever played in Australia?

Hector: No not yet, I was about to go at some point but then I thought about spiders and…. You know lol!


Hector: 不,还没有,我正要去在某些时候 但后来我想到了蜘蛛和….。你知道的,哈哈哈哈哈!

KEYI: Lots of spiders there.

KEYI: 那里有很多蜘蛛…

Hector: Ha ha, I know! My sisters’ boyfriend is Australian actually and he told me that every person there will find a deadly spider in their shoes at least once in their lifetime… Scary!

赫克托。哈哈,我知道!我姐姐的男朋友其实是澳大利亚人 他告诉我,那里的每个人一生中至少会在鞋里发现一次致命的蜘蛛… … 吓死人了!

KEYI: What kind of advice would you have to an aspiring DJ in the electronic music industry?

Hector: Most importantly, I would say, to try and not be like anyone else and make your own way. Certainly getting an inspiration from others is important but never pretend to be anyone else, just stick to who you are in all senses. That will make you authentic and that’s what the world needs. You might be inspirational for other people too and help them better themselves at the same time


赫克托。最重要的是,我想说的是, 尽量不要和别人一样,要走自己的路。当然,从别人那里获得灵感是很重要的,但千万不要假装成别人,只要坚持自己在各种意义上的身份。这样会让你变得真实,而这正是世界所需要的。你可能也会给别人带来灵感,同时帮助他们更好的发展自己。

Would you consider offering any classes to beginners in the industry?

Hector: There is actually that collective in Belgium, it’s called Rave Alert, and they asked me if I would run a Master Class! Such an honor! They thought about doing it in Paris but I proposed to move it to Berlin  I think they are still working on it so we will see what happens. It would involve the process of making the track and more tips on how to grow up to became an artist. It’s very exciting!


Hector: 他们问我是否愿意办一个大师班!真是太荣幸了! 他们曾想在巴黎举办,但我提议把它搬到柏林去,我想他们还在努力,所以我们将拭目以待。这将涉及到制作轨道的过程和更多关于如何成


KEYI: If you would land on abandoned island what would you take with you?

I would go with my hifi stereo a record bag, turntables and mixer. 



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Photos by IG : Keyi Studio

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