Berlin based post-punk act Errorr have revealed their debut EP “Servant”. Seven fuzz drenched songs about social injustice that hover between Shoegaze and punk rock. Photo KEYI STUDIO

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“Servant” is the debut EP from Berlin-based noise rockers Errorr. Band founder and lead singer Leonard Kaage is known as the guitar player of The Underground Youth but also for his work with bands like The Brian Jonestown MassacreHoly MotorsThe Blue Angel Lounge and many more. 

The multi-instrumentalist, born in Gothenburg, Sweden, first took the opportunity to pick up a blank canvas and paint with his own instrumentation, production and arrangement. The EP was recorded and played solely by Kaage in his basement studio in Friedrichshain in 2019, whenever he found time in between recording and touring with other bands around Europe, Asia and the US. After a few months of creating, the characteristic sound of Errorr took shape. Loud guitars and fuzzy bass supported by straight-forward drum beats. Leonard’s voice cuts through the mighty wall of beautiful noise with messages about social injustice. The band is inspired by many great rock bands of the early 90s. Avant-Garde bands like Sonic Youth, Pixies and Nirvana are seen as pioneers in their raw and honest interpretation of rock’n’roll and punk rock. 

Errorr’s fuzz-drenched soundscape hover in between post-punk and shoegaze with a punk-rock attitude. The band is already working on their debut album, which is scheduled to be released in summer 2022. 
Photo Keyi Studio

“Servant”是柏林噪音搖滾樂隊 Errorr 的首張 EP。樂隊創始人兼主唱 Leonard Kaage 被稱為 The Underground Youth 的吉他手,但也因其與 The Brian Jonestown Massacre、Holy Motors、The Blue Angel Lounge 等樂隊的合作而聞名。

這位出生於瑞典哥德堡的多樂器演奏家首先抓住機會拿起一張空白的畫布,用自己的樂器、製作和安排進行繪畫。 2019 年,每當 Kaage 抽出時間與歐洲、亞洲和美國的其他樂隊一起錄製和巡演時,他就會在他位於弗里德里希斯海因的地下室工作室中獨自錄製和播放這張 EP。

經過幾個月的創作,Errorr 的特色聲音已經成型。直接的鼓聲支持響亮的吉他和模糊的貝司。倫納德的聲音穿透了美麗喧囂的強大牆壁,傳達了關於社會不公正的信息。

該樂隊的靈感來自 90 年代初期許多偉大的搖滾樂隊。 Sonic Youth、Pixies 和 Nirvana 等前衛樂隊被視為他們對搖滾和朋克搖滾的原始和誠實詮釋的先驅。

Errorr 渾濁的音景以朋克搖滾的態度在後朋克和鞋履凝視之間徘徊。樂隊已經在製作他們的首張專輯,該專輯計劃於 2022 年夏季發行。