Greco-German duo Local Suicide’s debut album Eros Anikate on their own imprint Iptamenos Discos 

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Berlin based power duo, Local Suicide are hitting the ground running with their debut album titled ‘Eros Anikate’. The title translates to ‘love invincible’, and draws influence from a play written by Sophocles titled ‘Antigone’. An ancient greek play based around tragedy in the aftermath of a civil war. The album holds true to their ‘technodisco’ & ‘cobra wave’ sound while featuring numerous collaborations by long time friends and artists the duo admire.

Lee Stevens is on the opening track, ‘High Buildings’ which serves as a killer opener filled with enchanting vocals, warm synths and snapping drums while the next track, ‘Whispering’ with Curses gets you grooving along with the booming bass-line, epic guitar work, groovy percs and dreamy vocals. The appreciation and love for moustaches is shown in the duos collaboration with Skelesys in a dirty electro EBM number titled ‘Moustache’. Theus Mago is collaborating with the duo on ‘Jam Bounce Release’ which brings an almost oriental sound which matches with a later track in the album called ‘Cobra wave’ featuring Kalipo. This track includes the sound of a snake charmers flute to play into the ‘cobra-wave’ sound. ‘Hercules Adonis’ has Vamparela’s moody vocals narrating the myth of Adonis creating a brooding atmosphere while ‘PHD In Apology’ features some awesome drum work eerie pads and layers of synthesisers that keep you rocking along. ‘Like Follow Subscribe’ sees Italian queer duo Hard Ton jumping into the mix with a tune filled with wavy and ravy synths sweeping along with some snapping drums. The album closes off with a beautiful slow moving track featuring Greek new-wave legend Lena Platonos reading part of the play from Sophocles’ Antigone. 

Local Suicide and their contributors did a beautiful job of spreading the word of love and connectivity through their music. A message that they hope to share with the rest of the world when the album is released on Vinyl, CD and digitally through their own label Iptamenos Discos on May 13th, 2022.

位于柏林的实力二人组 Local Suicide 推出首张专辑《Eros Anikate》。标题翻译为“爱无敌”,并受到索福克勒斯写的名为“安提戈涅”的戏剧的影响。一部以内战后悲剧为基础的古希腊戏剧。这张专辑忠实于他们的“technodisco”和“cobra wave”的声音,同时还包含了两人钦佩的老朋友和艺术家的众多合作。

Lee Stevens 在开场曲“High Buildings”中作为杀手开场曲,充满迷人的歌声、温暖的合成器和响亮的鼓声,而下一首曲目“Whispering with Curses”让你随着蓬勃发展的贝斯线、史诗般的旋律吉他工作,时髦的 percs 和梦幻般的人声。对小胡子的欣赏和喜爱体现在与 Skelesys 的二人组合作中,名为“Moustache”的肮脏电子 EBM 编号。 Theus Mago 正在与二人组合作推出“Jam Bounce Release”,这带来了一种近乎东方的声音,与专辑中名为“Cobra wave”的 Kalipo 的后期曲目相匹配。该曲目包括耍蛇人长笛的声音,以播放“眼镜蛇波”的声音。 “Hercules Adonis”有 Vamparela 喜怒无常的歌声,讲述了 Adonis 的神话创造了一种沉思的氛围,而“PHD In Apology”则有一些很棒的鼓工作怪异的垫子和层层合成器,让你一直摇摆不定。在“Like Follow Subscribe”中,意大利酷儿二人组 Hard Ton 加入了混音,曲调中充满了波浪形和狂野的合成器,伴随着一些响亮的鼓声。这张专辑以一首优美的慢节奏曲目结束,希腊新浪潮传奇人物莉娜·普拉托诺斯朗读了索福克勒斯的安提戈涅的部分剧本。

Local Suicide 和他们的贡献者在通过他们的音乐传播爱和联系方面做得很好。他们希望在 2022 年 5 月 13 日通过他们自己的唱片公司 Iptamenos Discos 以 Vinyl、CD 和数字方式发行专辑时与世界其他地方分享这一信息。