Tapefeed, the Italian duo that holds a residency in the iconic London club fabric, is set to debut on the nightclubs own sister label Houndstooth with Anterograde EP due out December 2nd.

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Anterograde EP sees the duo demonstrate the natural evolution of their sound across 5-tracks combining their influences to best express their sonic vision. Travelling through UK breaks touching on dub, deep experimental and techno, their inspiration roots in the types of sets they have been consistently laying down at fabric as well as the passionate dancers and spot on sound system. Tapefeed do not like to constrain themselves to genres or labels, allowing for the highest level of creative freedom.

Anterograde EP展示了他们的声音在5首曲子中的自然演变,结合他们的影响来最好地表达他们的声音愿景。他们的灵感来自于他们一直以来在布料上的表演,以及热情的舞者和现场的音响系统。Tapefeed不喜欢把自己限制在流派或标签里,允许最高水平的创作自由。

Together with an accumulation of releases on labels Mord, Metempsychosis and Abyss, in 2021 Tapefeed launched their imprint “Inveterate” to focus on the duo’s archetypal sound and vision. Consistent with their anti-establishment attitude that runs through the themes of their own label, the track titles on Anterograde EP emanate a message critiquing modern societal behaviour. Such as ‘Snakes in Suits’ referencing the corporate psychopaths that are running and ruining our world, or ‘The Chosen One’ targeting those IG influences out there, while of course leaving it up to your own imagination.

加上在Mord、Metempsychosis和Abyss等厂牌上的发行积累,2021年Tapefeed推出了他们的印记 “Inveterate”,专注于二人的原型声音和愿景。与他们的反体制态度相一致的是,Anterograde EP的曲目名称贯穿了他们自己厂牌的主题,散发着批评现代社会行为的信息。
行为。比如 “穿西装的蛇 “指的是正在运行并毁坏我们世界的企业精神病患者,或者 “天选之人 “针对那些在外面的IG影响,当然也留给你自己想象的空间。