JASMINE FREHNER – Hong Kong based fashion model tells us insight about her career and inspirations. / ENG & 官話

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Jasmine Frehner is a super talented fashion model who has been working with most renovated brands like Vogue Hong Kong or Calvin Klein. We had a little chat to share with you her inspirational life insight.

Jasmine Frehner是一个超级有才华的时装模特,她一直与大多数翻新的品牌如Vogue或Calvin Klein合作。我们进行了一次小范围的聊天,与你分享她鼓舞人心的人生感悟。

Tell us about yourself. Where do you come from? How did you get into modelling? Was it something you always wanted to do? Did you try other things before? 

I am half Thai, half Swiss and I’m based in Hong Kong. I started modelling at age of 15 and in high school. At the time I was interested in fashion marketing and the fine arts. I was found by an underground DJ and she thought I was already a model and decided to use the photos as the main campaign. That’s what started my modelling career, by introducing me to other designers, photographers and art directors. 

I have never imagined modelling would be my career and I know I had to adjust to the mental and physical strain on my body. My first interest was in fine arts or architecture & I had taken my fine arts studies. I tried to convert the theory into high fashion vision. That’s what gave me the kick start to quickly gauge fashion and modelling knowledge as fast as possible. 




You’ve been published in many fantastic magazines and worked on top level projects in the industry like many models could dream of.  Which of your recent projects are your favourite so far and why?

I personally accept any project that comes my way to gain more experience and connections for the future. My favourite projects recently have been with Vogue magazine and Calvin Klein. Vogue’s artistic director gave me the chance to showcase plus size modelling and the diversity with tattoos and piercing, it allowed me to be myself and align the artistic vision with the entire Vogue team. The goal was to inspire people and show that fashion is for everybody no matter the size and the industry.

Calvin Klein was the first lingerie/loungewear company I’ve ever worked with. Being aware that I was the only female model with gauges and large tattoos made me feel confident that they trusted me enough to showcase their products. The team was so nice and comforting that I felt at home and myself around the camera.

你已经在许多奇妙的杂志上发表文章,并在行业内的顶级项目上工作,这是许多模特梦寐以求的。 到目前为止,你最喜欢哪个项目,为什么?

我个人接受任何项目,以便为未来获得更多的经验和联系。我最近最喜欢的项目是与Vogue杂志和Calvin Klein合作。Vogue的艺术总监给了我机会展示大码模特以及纹身和穿孔的多样性,这让我可以做自己,并与整个Vogue团队的艺术理念保持一致。我们的目标是激励人们,并展示时尚是为每个人服务的,无论尺寸和行业。

Calvin Klein是我合作过的第一家内衣/家居服公司。意识到我是唯一一个有测量仪和大面积纹身的女模特,使我感到自信,他们足够信任我,可以展示他们的产品。这个团队非常好,让我觉得在镜头前有家的感觉,有自己的感觉。

What do you think is your biggest success in modelling? Who is/are your idols in modelling?

My biggest success in modelling is definitely being in Vogue’s campaign, It’s something I’ve never even dared to dream about. My idols are Sora Choi and Barbie Ferreira. Both have such different styles but I love how they stay out of the “typical beauty standard” and I hope to show Hong Kong and other countries that fashion is for everybody. 


我在模特界最大的成功肯定是参加Vogue的广告活动,这是我连做梦都不敢想的事情。我的偶像是Sora Choi和Barbie Ferreira。两人都有如此不同的风格,但我喜欢他们不受 “典型美容标准 “的影响,我希望向香港和其他国家展示,时尚是为每个人服务的。

Who is your favourite photographer? What do you think is essential for the best pictures of you?

My favourite photographer at the moment is Kim Tae Kyun, a Korean based photographer that showcases everything but the “typical beauty standard”. I love all his photos and the process he goes through to connect with the model to achieve the best photos and that’s a quality I look for in a photographer and a person.

The best photos of me are achieved based on my connection to the photographer and the team. I try to be as comfortable as possible around the environment and team but sometimes it can show in the photo that I’m very stiff and almost forced to pose. I think what is essential for me is to be able to be honest with everybody. If there is something that I think would work better, whether it’s the styling or photography style I will suggest my opinions. 


我目前最喜欢的摄影师是Kim Tae Kyun,一位来自韩国的摄影师,他展示了除 “典型美容标准 “以外的一切。我喜欢他的所有照片,以及他为实现最佳照片而与模特建立联系的过程,这是我在摄影师和个人身上寻找的品质。


We really love your work for Vogue Hong Kong. How were you involved in this collaboration? What would you advise other models who are dreaming to work for Vogue?

I have known the artistic director since I was 16, so she basically watched me grow and gave me so many opportunities to guide me and showcase what I had learnt. For the most recent Vogue project she reached out about a risky project. Showing all my leg tattoos and my gauges was something that was not widely accepted in Hong Kong so it was a challenge to make it appealing from both sides. 

I would suggest to other models to be themselves and not stop themselves from getting tattoos or whatever they desire because at the end of the day art is widely accepted and it’s no different on what canvas it’s on. Standing up for yourself is not something that should disappear during casting or photoshoots. It’s showing people that you have the skill and knowledge to produce professional and unique photos. 




Working with modelling agencies is always connected to various experiences . Which agency so far were the best and how do you feel about working with your current one/s? 

To be honest I did not get to join an agency that I enjoyed. They did not appreciate my personal style and what I wanted to showcase which caused some trouble. I was also plus size at a young age which did not attract a lot of brands and clients. 

I am currently freelance and enjoy building my own image and managing myself. Hopefully I can join an agency overseas that can provide clients that appreciate my choice of expression.




What would be your biggest desire or project you are dreaming of? Plans for the future?

My biggest desire is to continue my career in a positive light and hopefully everyone can see that being themselves is the best message you can send through a photo. Continuing my journey with Vogue and Harper’s Bazaar is something I hope that continues. Doing an interview with KEYI magazine is already something I never thought would happen, but I’m so grateful that you are willing to showcase my work. 

Right now my plans for the future is to work overseas and hopefully join an agency in Japan or Korea. Projects with overseas brands in the Netherlands and Germany are currently in the works and will be released soon. 


我最大的愿望是以积极的方式继续我的职业生涯,希望每个人都能看到,做自己是你通过照片所能传递的最好信息。继续我在《Vogue》和《Harper’s Bazaar》的旅程是我希望继续的事情。接受KEYI杂志的采访已经是我从未想过的事情了,但我非常感谢你们愿意展示我的作品。


Talent: Jasmine Frehner

Interview: Izabella Chrobok

Edits: Joseph McCain

Translation: Emi

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