Galerie SLP is delighted to present “Affirmations / Futuristic Symbiosis”.

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Affirmations / Futuristic Symbiosis marks the beginnings for an era of human creativity and generative intelligence. This showcase brings together the abstract paintings of Johanna Marika Thoms and digital art of Doopiidoo. It’s their daring approach to blending traditional art forms with text-to-image creations.

  • Artists: Doopiidoo, Johanna Marika Thoms
  • Date: 16.12-31.01.2024 Vernissage Dec. 16th
  • Time: 16:00-20:00
  • Venue: Galerie Sara Lily Perez-Bikini Berlin, Budapester Str. 48

Combined, ” Affirmations / Futuristic Symbiosis” implies a future state where human manifestations and AI’s creations exist simultaneously, enhancing and expanding the lived experience. Exploring human artistic expression alongside AI-generated art, exemplifying a future where these two realms are not in conflict, but instead, cohabitating the arts in a synergistic and collaborative way.

Doopiidoo is an artist renowned for his innovative fusion of Artificial Intelligence and artistic expression, revolutionizing the art world with his approach.

He exploits AI as a new canvas, producing captivating artwork that challenges the limits of creativity and sparks discussions about the future of art and the role of technology. Human creativity with the power of AI algorithms via text-based stimuli are interpreted by AI to build the foundation. Doopiidoo adds his own artistic vision, choosing color and subject matter, creating a visual collage that meshes human and machine creativity. The meticulous and precise representation of human features in his portraits challenge our perceptions of identity and consciousness, blurring the lines between the created and the creator. To the viewer, Doopiidoo’s art can be seen as a reflection on the potential of AI to understand and replicate the intricacies of human expressions and emotions.

Johanna Marika Thoms is celebrated for her abstract art, colorful splashes canvas, which vividly encapsulates the spontaneity and fluidity of human emotions.

Her work is a riot of colors, creating a visual language that speaks to the viewer’s innermost feelings. Thoms’ art is characterized by its dynamic, free-form patterns and vibrant hues, reflecting her deep engagement with the emotional spectrum of the human experience.