Presenting our 14th edition, an exceptionally special issue crafted straight from the heart of the rave. Made by ravers for ravers, this edition showcases four extraordinary artists: Messiahwaits, Inland, BIIA, and Xhulotek + Track Premiere

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Inland, also known as Ed Davenport, is a British producer, DJ, and founder of Counterchange Recordings in Berlin. Renowned for his explorative techno and ambient productions, he has released numerous EPs on Counterchange and appeared on labels like Ostgut Ton, Figure, and Infrastructure.

Next up, we have Inland, a British producer and the founder of Counterchange Recordings, bringing a textured and explorative touch to the EP. “Generation” is a dynamically playful track, featuring trance-like hypnotic synth lines and a pounding kick, reminiscent of the golden age of RAVE music in the UK.


Now, let’s meet Messiahwaits, a Korean-born, Berlin-based DJ who lets his records tell unique stories. His latest track, ‘Domapine’22,’ showcases his distinctive style with atmospheric blends and repetitive, jacking rhythms, creating a dark and unsettling aura. Messiahwaits boldly defies genre boundaries with a central message: “Fuck the Genre.”

Let’s dive into the world of BIIA, a disruptor in the electronic music scene, infusing her creations with emotional curiosity. Her track “Basic 5000” on this record seamlessly blends her hard-hitting style with electro dance, resulting in a powerful fusion. With energetic and hard-hitting techno narratives, BIIA incorporates raw beats, trippy elements, and conceptual vocals.

Last but not least, we have Xhulotek, hailing from the underground scene in Valencia, Spain, bringing a versatile style to the EP. His tracks blend various dance electronic genres, reflecting his dedication to the rave culture.

This EP not only highlights the individual talent of each artist but also demonstrates how their tracks intertwine to create an unforgettable journey for all those who LIVE IN THE RAVE.

More about the artist:

His career began with cerebral, hypnotic electronic music in 2006, evolving after his move to Berlin in 2008 towards the city’s purist techno aesthetics. In 2012, he launched the Inland project with releases on Len Faki’s Figure SPC and Falkplatz.

Inland’s collaboration with Function between 2014 and 2017 resulted in the legendary ‘Odeon / Rhyl’ EP and the ‘Facticity’ compilation. Since 2013, his Counterchange label has released over 40 records, showcasing a diverse sound including artists like Efdemin, Cassegrain & Tin Man, and Müzmin.

Inland’s deep involvement with Arts and Film Composition led to collaborations with Swiss artist Julian Charrière, culminating in the debut Inland LP ‘An Invitation To Disappear’ (2018). His recent projects include the ‘Stream State’ box-set compilation and DJ mix (2020) and the full-length LP ‘Potential Current’ (2022), alongside acclaimed EPs like ‘Namsan’ and the BRETT offshoot label (BRETT001).

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