“Pfoten Weg!” by Namilia was a bold, empowering stand against queer hate at Berlin Fashion Week

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Last week, Berlin Fashion Week witnessed the spectacular runway show of Namilia’s AW24 collection “Pfoten Weg!”

The anticipation among the label’s vibrant fan base reached its peak as Emilia Pfohl and Nan Li showcased their latest collection, named “Pfoten Weg!” at the Kulturforum Gemäldegalerie.

The venue’s atmosphere was charged with a recording of the horrific insults and ridicule that many queer people endure daily in public transportation, often escalating to violence.

The unsafety experienced by the queer community filled the space, leaving us feeling anxious – and angry. Drawing inspiration from medieval armour, military aesthetics, and glamorous trash, the collection provocatively addressed the pervasive hate against queer individuals who courageously navigate public spaces.

Models sported extreme shoulder padding featuring chainmail-like details, with one full camouflage print knight’s armour ensemble paired with a helmet.

With a fierce and defiant stride, they proudly displayed jackets adorned with the collection’s name, “Pfoten Weg,” translating to ‘hands off’ or ‘paws off.’ Pinks and rhinestones were combined with chain mesh, stretch lycra, and vegan leather, while incorporating different motifs and monogram prints. The designs showcased sculptural fits and couture-inspired elements, revealing Namilia’s commitment to pushing boundaries.

However, beyond the aesthetics, it was evident that Namilia was assembling an army. Models marched down the runway in camouflage prints adorned with shiny rhinestones spelling out slurs and slogans.

The collection was a powerful response to the daily struggles faced by the queer community, reflecting a sense of ferocity in the air—a response not only to the fashion world but also to the haunting reality of hate crimes and violence.

Amidst the bold statements, a voice emerged questioning whether one should conform to the status quo and succumb to the pressure. The resounding answer was a defiant “Fuck No!”

The models embodied resistance, refusing to bow down to boring basic norms. Namilia’s message echoed this sentiment: they didn’t want mere survival; they aimed to thrive.

Towards Pfoten Weg!’s finale, a few luxurious ball gowns graced the runway, showcasing Namilia’s signature graphic prints with grace.

This moment allowed the audience to absorb the impactful journey they had just witnessed—a fusion of activism and glamor that defined Namilia’s latest collection. Namilia’s AW24 runway show was more than just a display of fashion; it was a bold statement, a call to arms, and a celebration of empowerment in the face of adversity.

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Author: Kelly van Gemert
Photography: Boris Marberg