Hybral ’s “Affirmative Action” EP presents a masterful fusion of drone-infused industrial techno—an intriguing blend of organically futuristic and fancifully artificial sounds.

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Photo : Yaan Alexeev

Through this sonic journey, Hybral delves into thrilling explorations of dystopian Giger-esque themes.

In this EP, Hybral demonstrates a remarkable ability to blend elements of industrial techno with ethereal drone textures, creating a soundscape that is at once haunting and hypnotic. As the listener delves deeper into the music, they are enveloped by an otherworldly atmosphere that evokes images of dystopian landscapes and cybernetic vistas.


With remixes of “Undoing Bias” by Fluid and Nnamael, Hybral’s vision is further expanded and reinterpreted, offering fresh perspectives on the original compositions. Fluid injects his signature high-energy style into the track, while Nnamael takes listeners on a journey of sonic evolution, gradually building tension and intrigue.


Drawing upon elements from their previous releases and seamlessly merging them in more impactful ways than ever before, Hybral presents their musical manifesto, which, through extensive introspection, references only itself. This EP stands as a genre-defining, true original magnum opus.


Featuring remixes of “Undoing Bias” by SUBVERTED residents Fluid—infusing the track with his signature high-speed, high-impact flair—and Nnamael—reimagining its narrative through a progressively hypnotizing structure.

Available exclusively on SUBVERTED’S Bandcamp from November 23: https://subverted1.bandcamp.com/album/affirmative-action

Format: Digital + Vinyl Produced by Hybral Remixed by Fluid and Nnamael Mastering by Stefan Brown Cover Artwork by Alexander Gehring Layout by Sander Salkunic Text by CHLAMYDIA Published by SUBVERTED

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