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Hey dears, the times are very strange. We slowly recovered from Covid and now we are experiencing war with our relatives from Ukraine.. definitely one of the hardest announcements of the next issue. However we have to follow our mission to be able to support world problems.

We did change the structure of our magazine with the amount of the issues. However we have more surprises coming on so expect more! First one comes straight away! In this issue we are hosting plenty of stars like Birmingham born, Berlin-based DJ, Producer, Live Act and Label Owner Rebekah is the multifaceted artist leading the way in today’s techno scene. Undoubtedly one of the most revered names in techno, Rebekah or @daxj From his musical roots as a fan of jungle as a teen in his native London, he has grown to become one of Techno’s most sought-after DJs. From brutal sets at Berlin’s cathedral of techno, Berghain, to fast-paced and frenetic festival offerings on the largest global stages with the editorial from @keyistudio styled by Cyrine Dafoux . Interview prepared by Artur Wojtczak and Fraser Bonar.

We share stories with Paramida She moved to Berlin in 2010 and has since made an impact to the local club scene. Her singular thirst for often obscure, always incredible music has lead her to residencies at two of the world’s most renowned nightclubs. 

Retrospection with Bright Moments which is an arts organisation owned and operated by holders of CryptoCitizen NFTs. We are on a mission to educate, empower, and connect communities around the world through unforgettable, unique experiences. 

Interview with Waleria Tokarzewska – fashion designer from Poland. Featured in magazines like @vogue.polska @harpers_bazaarkz to mentioned a few! 

To know the works of Andreas Hachulla is to know Berlin. Captured on his smartphone as he navigates his way through the dark, otherworldly interior landscape of the city’s infamous clubs, his digital drawings transport you to a  moment where you almost feel the energy of the music and people around you.

Ready to order now! Part of the profits will be donated to save lives in UA !