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We are very glad to unveil some details to you of our next issue. Thank to all of you, beautiful people, who have helped us create this special edition and all the previous ones, thank you thank you thank you. Without you it wouldn’t be possible! 

We are honoured to host an interview with the legendary electronic music project & fathers of @monkeytown_records with photos by @keyistudio

In our second cover we have @daniel.ryan.spaulding who is a world-traveling comedian star, seen in over 45 countries, who due to his youtube series “It’s Berlin!” has made us laugh during the pandemic. Fashion from and interview by @scruffy.kttn 

Another special editorial which we hosted is with @reka well known dj who has constantly toured worldwide from Berghain, KHIDI in Tbilisi, and De School in Amsterdam to Movement in Detroit and Vurt in Seoul amongst many other clubs and festivals. Interview by @chole.lula

We spoke with @motoguo is an eponymous label that challenges peculiarity in the most romantic, cynical and ingenious manner. Interview by Beca Montenegro.

Each artist has their own story to tell on how they chose the path that led them to where they are today, although perhaps sometimes the path chooses them. This may have been the case for urban and multimedia artist @Bond.truluv check the talk by @hazey.fatazy

Although that’s not over! Special editorial with @catwalsen prepared by team of @hallafarhat and @henk369 @berlin_bunny_ and @eyes_dice