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We’re very glad to be here today, in your email inbox, to introduce you to our next issue in detail. But before we get into it we would like to thank all of you, beautiful people, who’ve helped us create this issue and all the previous ones, thank you thank you thank you. Without you it wouldn’t be possible! We can’t describe how much it means to us! Love you all.
So back to the issue: we have more than 170 pages full of passion for you ❤️
Our cover star, currently one of the most exciting artist which is VTSS will be featured with an in-depth interview prepared by Chloe Lula with photos by KEYI STUDIO and makeup by Servulo and styling by Samantha Pletzke. Agency Modern Matters.
Berlin-via-Warsaw high roller of the new generation of techno VTSS aka Martyna Maja returns with a mesmerising 6-track EP titled ‘Borderline Tenderness’, this time from Berlin-Milan based label Veyl Records run by Alex Knoblauch & Maenad and visual artwork by Tomas Lisca
In our fashion cover we have the lovely Awa , one of the most talented model which we had the pleasure to meet and work with. Represented by KEYI STUDIO. Make-up by Evin represented by Peppermint circus Agency. Photos by Izabella Chrobok and Grzegorz Bacinski.
We also get a chance to speak up with Troy Pierce with Poison Arrow is the new collaborative project of U.S. electronic music producer Troy Pierce and Colombian audiovisual artist Poison Arrow. Born of a shared love for deeply melancholic musical moments more suited to a candle lit living room than a dance floor, they eventually went into the studio with a larger project in mind.
We spoke to Bonbom Jo, the brilliant 27-year-old South Korean designer that has taken this global crisis as an opportunity to focus on her creative processes and, as a result, has come up with avant-garde collections and pop collaborations that have travelled around the virtual world. Interview by Beca Montenegro.
Another rising star which we will have is Melania. with photos by KEYI STUDIO. She’s also known for her rhythmic noise, post industrial alias – Harsh Mentor.
She has carved out her mark in the scene with releases on [aufnahme + wiedergabe], Instruments of discipline , Oraculo Records , Subsist Records , Labrynth, and others.
You’ll find photos from our exclusive editorials made by Monika Płusa, Davide Aronnax, Alexandra, Patrycja Pioch, Anastasia Fursova, Hans Goh,Paul Phung.
We will meet up with Clara Jade from Hong Kong, shot when we reunited in Berlin with fashion from Die Kraft Berlin and ZL_BY_ZLISM & make-up by Dorsa. Photos by Keyi Studio: Izabella Chrobok and Grzegorz Bacinski. This time presented in analog pictures.