TALK:ANNA EBERG by Grzegorz Bacinski & Izabella Chrobok. Assistant Alona. Photos by Alessandro Casagrande and Ale Poveda

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TALK:ANNA EBERG by Grzegorz Bacinski & Izabella Chrobok. Assistant  Alona. Photos by Alessandro Casagrande and Ale Poveda
TALK:ANNA EBERG by Grzegorz Bacinski & Izabella Chrobok. Assistant  Alona. Photos by Alessandro Casagrande and Ale Poveda
TALK:ANNA EBERG by Grzegorz Bacinski & Izabella Chrobok. Assistant  Alona. Photos by Alessandro Casagrande and Ale Poveda
TALK:ANNA EBERG by Grzegorz Bacinski & Izabella Chrobok. Assistant  Alona. Photos by Alessandro Casagrande and Ale Poveda
TALK:ANNA EBERG by Grzegorz Bacinski & Izabella Chrobok. Assistant  Alona. Photos by Alessandro Casagrande and Ale Poveda

We got in touch with Anna Eberg, a world class model who participated in Rick Owens show or appeared in Harper’s Bazaar China, Vogue Italia and more.  Besides long journey with fashion she’s also a musician. We asked her about her steps into both industries.


Were you born in NY ? / When did you move to New York and what made you choose this city? What is your background? 

I was born in Moscow, Russia. I moved to New York 5 years ago for modeling. It was the city of my dreams and I had a potential bigger career opportunity there. I’m grateful that modeling gave me a chance to move to the city that never sleeps. There is always something to do and new things to discover. The city is so alive that I can’t compare it to anything else.

你是在纽约出生的吗?/ 你什么时候搬到纽约的,是什么原因让你选择这个城市?你的背景是什么?


What was the journey like to get to the point where you are now in your career? Do you have any favourite or memorable projects that you were a part of?

It was quite a long journey. I was working as a local model in Moscow and later was scouted by an agency Elite in Milan. That’s how it all started. I`ve spent years traveling around the world, building my portfolio etc. 

My favourite memorable projects are: Rick Owens show in Paris, shooting for Vogue Italia with the photographers Luigi and Iango in New York, Marc Jacobs show in New York. Issey Miyake show in Paris.




Rick Owens one of the greatest designers.. Could you tell us more about the show ? How did I get involved in this project ? Have you spoken with Rick directly and what would you say was the most challenging?

I agree Rick Owens is truly one of the greatest designers and I ‘m very thankful to the universe that I had a chance to participate in his show. The show was organized in Palais de Tokyo in Paris. Rick Owens called this collection “Sphinx’’ and proceeded to cover a number of the models’ faces in gold or silver leaf (my face was covered in silver)  He paired that most ostentatious of embellishments with blanket-like designs that enveloped the body in asymmetrical folds. My modeling agency in Paris got me involved in this project. We didn’t talk that much as he was super busy with work. Fashion Week is a very stressful time for a designer so I didn’t want to interrupt him.

瑞克-欧文斯是最伟大的设计师之一。你能告诉我们更多关于这个展览的信息吗?我是如何参与这个项目的 ? 你有没有和Rick直接交流过,你会说最有挑战性的是什么?

我同意RickOwens是真正最伟大的设计师之一,我非常感谢上天让我有机会参加他的秀。这场秀是在巴黎的PalaisdeTokyo举行的。RickOwens把这个系列称为 “Sphinx”,然后把一些模特儿的脸部用金箔或银箔覆盖(我的脸部被银箔覆盖了),他把这种最华丽的装饰与毯子般的设计搭配起来,把身体包裹在不对称的褶皱中。 我在巴黎的模特公司让我参与了这个项目。我们没有聊那么多,因为他工作超级忙。时装周对于一个设计师来说是一个非常紧张的时期,所以我不想打断他。

Our magazine is also in Chinese, you appeared in Harper’s Bazaar China editorial. Could you tell us more about the process of this project ? Did you travel to China for the photoshoot ? Duo Linn is a photographer and the stylist in this particular shoot. We are amazed by the gentle styling mixture and hypnotic tones. Do you have further plans with her for other productions ? Or different editorials for this part of the world ?

Duo Linn is based in New York so I didn’t need to fly to China. I met her by accident and we decided to make a beauty shoot together. The photos turned out amazing and got approved by Harper’s Bazaar China. I`m impressed by her talent and vision. Hope we can shoot together again in the future.



You mentioned photographers Luigi and Iango. Their work is just spectacular. Could you tell us about the photoshoot itself and describe preparation ? When do you feel that this shoot is going to be unique and successful ? As a model, what do you think it’s the most important part of a well-done fashion editorial ?

We were shooting at the beautiful Alder Mansion in Upstate New York. The preparation took many hours and we had to meet at 5:00 am in the morning to get to the location. The shoot was a creative mess of a naked bodies, bohemian clothing and grapes. I think every work of Luigi and Iango is unique and successful. They are really good at what they are doing. The most important part of a well-done fashion editorial is teamwork: the right photographer, stylist, mua, hairdresser, model, post production – everything is very important.




We are amazed by the amount of projects that you did.  Do you think it’s necessary to have few agencies as you do to be in top projects ?

Yes that’s how the industry works right now. You must be sign with a good agencies to be in top projects and you need a manager that will push you to the right clients. 

However I really hope that this will change one day…




What do you enjoy more, playing a role in a video or doing a shoot?

What would you recommend to someone who has a dream to become a model?

Playing a role in a video is very exciting for me. I only played a few times and it felt great.  I wish I have more acting jobs in the future. Try to stand out. It’s all about personality nowadays. If you have hobbies/interests  outside the fashion industry it’s a big plus. Clients don’t want just a model anymore. They want cool people.


在视频中扮演一个角色对我来说是非常兴奋的。我只演了几次,感觉很棒。 我希望以后能有更多的演艺工作。 尽量突出自己的特色。现在都是个性的问题。如果你有时尚行业以外的爱好/兴趣,那是一个很大的加分项。客户不希望只是一个模型了。他们要的是酷酷的人。

As a model and a DJ, what do you enjoy more, modelling or working with music? Do you feel like there is any overlap between the two? How did you start modelling? Was it something you were looking for or did it happen to you by chance? How did you come to work with so many agencies?

I enjoy both modeling and working with music. DJing is a new thing to me and it makes me curious. There is no overlap currently but it might be when the pandemic ends. 

I got into modeling by accident. I was just looking for any part time job while studying  at University in Moscow. It turned out many agencies abroad were interested in my profile and invited me to work with them. I couldn`t resist because I love to travel.




How did you come to DJing, and why now? Where did you learn to DJ? Did you teach yourself or learn from someone? What is DJing for you?

I came to DJing when the pandemic started. I never thought about becoming a DJ honestly. I just enjoyed raving 🙂 So clubs in NYC got closed and I was in lockdown with a ton of free time. Music helped me to stay sane in these difficult times. I miss nightlife in NYC a lot. 

I learned how to DJ from a friend and I teach myself as well. DJing for me is to create a certain mood and emotions while mixing. There is always a story to tell.


我是在疫情开始的时候来做DJ的。老实说,我从来没有想过要成为一名DJ。我只是喜欢狂欢:) 所以纽约市的俱乐部被关闭了,我被封锁了,有大量的空闲时间。音乐帮助我在这些困难时期保持清醒。我非常想念纽约的夜生活。


What do you like the most about what you do? Do you see DJing playing a bigger role in your life in the future? Does DJing change your attitude towards modelling?

I like to be creative in what I do and just go with the flow. This applies for both DJing and modeling. Yes I can see DJing playing a bigger role in my life in the future. It doesn’t change my attitude towards modeling.



What is your favourite activity on a cold winter day in New York?

To go for a walk in Central Park when it’s snowing. It is beautiful out there.


在下雪的时候去中央公园走走 外面很美

What is your wish for the future, both near and far?

To find the inner peace.



Interview 作者:: Grzegorz Bacinski & Izabella Chrobok


Translation 翻译: Emi

Photos照片: Alessandro Casagrande & Ale Poveda