OPERANT continues their willingness to break genre taboos and expectations with their debut LP, Traumkörper.

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As an outfit that has existed on the fringes of the club scene, Operant continues their willingness to break genre taboos and expectations with their debut LP,Traumkörper, exhibiting a hybrid vision of electronic and organic elements that gives rise to a sound self-described as somewhere between extra-terrestrial black-metal, singularity-sludge, proto-psy-trance, anime noise-core techno and auto-tuned trap-folk.These disparate methodologies are bound together by the conceptual elements that operate at the core of Operant’s thematic universe: the transcendence and destruction of the body, consciousness melding with machines and the manufacturing of new realities. As a blueprint to new forms, Traumkörper sets a path both disorienting and euphoric.

Over the course of 11 tracks the Berlin based duo and operators of record label, Instruments Of Discipline, Luna Vassarotti (IT) and August Skipper (AUS) birth their dream-body, an unsettling soundtrack for the strangeness of our times.

Release Date: 07.10.2021
Label: Instruments Of Discipline
Catalogue Number: IOD050

Track Listing:

  1. Access To The Simulator
  2. The Gatekeepers Are Being Assigned
  3. Cult-Like Breathing
  4. Piss Savant (Soplica Rave)
  5. Navigating Your Meat Suit While Your Meat Navigates Reality
  6. 5G-OD
  7. 5G-OD (Extended Outro Mix)
  8. Strategies Of Mortality Denial
  9. I’m Happy
    10.Cut Your Fucking Throat
  10. The Death Of Carlo Giuliani

作為一種已經存在於俱樂部場景邊緣的服裝,Operant 繼續他們的願意用他們的首張 LP 打破流派的禁忌和期望,

Traumkörper,展示了電子和有機元素的混合視覺,上升到一種自我描述為介於外星黑金屬之間的聲音,奇點污泥,原型精神恍惚,動漫噪音核心技術和自動調整陷阱-民間。這些不同的方法由概念元素結合在一起在 Operant 主題世界的核心運作:超越和身體的毀滅,意識與機器和製造新的現實。作為新形式的藍圖,Traumkörper 設定了一條道路既迷惑又欣快。在 11 首曲目的過程中,柏林的二人組和唱片公司的運營商,

Instruments Of Discipline, Luna Vassarotti (IT) 和 August Skipper (AUS) 誕生了他們的夢之體,為我們這個時代的陌生而令人不安的配樂。