STUDIO OBECTRA – Photos & Video By: Anton Tal

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September 2021. 
New artisanal collection under new line Black Label. 
Six looks inspired by the metamorphosis,    magical transformation to your higher self. 
When fashion becomes all about fun again.
Let’s play!

The sound of electric blue light. 
The smell of a white fire. 
The touch of a black whisper. 
The comfort of a purple breath. 

T he collection of emotions, build for the transformation. 
A world with no genders, no identity, no rules and no hate. 
To love. To dare. To be. To transmute.

Photos By: Anton Tal

Production : Source Berlin @source_berlin

Model: Daniel Oluwaseyi @belteshazzar__ 

Camera : Anton Tal @antontalphoto 

Edit :@mraaakkk

Direction: Blaž Čuk @obectra_kid

 Track ID: Schakal by Somewhen