GARIBALDI STUDIO – Berlin-based brand specializing in designing versatile silk and cashmere shawls.

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Shawls embody a love language, enveloping individuals sensually while imparting a subtle touch of refinement and grace.

A Berlin-based brand specializing in designing versatile silk and cashmere shawls. All pieces are created and designed by the designer herself and proudly produced in Italy with handmade finishes. The latest editorial book encapsulates the essence of the brand through captivating visuals and compelling storytelling.


These exquisite yet commanding pieces often come to individuals as heirlooms from cherished predecessors, and in turn, they become gifts for beloved others. GARIBALDI STUDIO’s creations transcend mere accessories; they are enduring symbols of sophistication, cherished and passed down through the ages.


Crafted with fervor by traditional artisans in Italy, GARIBALDI STUDIO’s oversized shawls epitomize unparalleled quality, each finished with a unique human touch. Unconstrained by fleeting trends, these shawls epitomize a timeless elegance, akin to a timeless melody harmonizing with the rhythm of the times.


Through shawls, one can effortlessly transform their attire, reflecting the ever-evolving facets of their personality and mood.


GARIBALDI STUDIO serve as canvases for self-expression, allowing individuals to project their inner selves with grace and finesse, whether dressed up or down.


The shawl is to make a statement of individuality, creativity, and the imperative of self-expression.

The heartfelt gratitude for the presence on this journey, hoping that these shawls resonate as deeply with their hearts and souls as they do with the creators.


Director/Photographer: Arnaud Ele Mbida @arnaud.ele

Model: Channel @chanelllla


Assistant: Sasha Celine Faktorovic @sashafktrv

MUA: Leo @schalemithenkel

Designer: GARIBALDI STUDIO Mathilde Garibaldi @garibaldistudio

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