Rebekah releases ‘End The Silence’ fundraising compilation and GoFundMe

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“How do you go about this when our industry is a global phenomenon and speaks numerous languages?  I believe we can do this through film and show the world what a typical night out looks like through the eyes of the most vulnerable, showing real-life situations and what the aftermath looks like for the survivors and ultimately how we can start to act in a way that brings the community together to take responsibility for everybody” – Rebekah, November 2021

The 38 track compilation features unreleased tracks from the likes of Slam, Sunil Sharpe, AISHA, Blue Hour, Sol Ortega, Manni Dee, Louisahhh and Rebekah herself and is available now with all profits going towards the campaign. For those who want to support the initiative without buying the “End The Silence’, a GoFundMe sits alongside the compilation release.

#ForTheMusic and its accompanying website, was launched in September 2020 to ensure artists, employees and audiences are protected against sexual harassment, workplaces are safe, and artists/performers end the culture of silence. Since its inception, #ForTheMusic has attracted widespread music industry support, with several high profile ambassadors also joining the cause. 





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“当我们的行业是一个全球现象并会说多种语言时,你会怎么做?我相信我们可以通过电影来做到这一点,并通过最脆弱的人的眼睛向世界展示一个典型的夜晚是什么样子,展示现实生活情况以及幸存者的后果如何,以及最终我们如何开始采取行动,使社区团结起来为每个人承担责任”- Rebekah,2021 年 11 月

38 首曲目合辑收录了 Slam、Sunil Sharpe、AISHA、Blue Hour、Sol Ortega、Manni Dee、Louisahhh 和 Rebekah 等人的未发行曲目,现在可以使用,所有利润都将用于活动。对于那些想在不购买“End The Silence”的情况下支持该计划的人,GoFundMe 位于编译版本旁边。

#ForTheMusic 及其配套网站 于 2020 年 9 月推出,旨在确保艺术家、员工和观众免受性骚扰,工作场所安全,艺术家/表演者结束沉默文化。自成立以来,#ForTheMusic 吸引了音乐界的广泛支持,几位知名大使也加入了这一事业。