KR3 is excited to present Vortex Chronologies Evo.2 with Terence Fixmer & Alessandro Adriani, Oscar Mulero and more..We are speaking with Velvet May.

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For its second anniversary, KR3 is excited to present the second installment of Various Artists series with contributions from 8 artists.

Vortex Chronologies Evo.2 – will be available on both 2×12” Double Transparent Vinyl and Digital.

The concept embodied in the label’s logo once again comes to life in this compilation;

Each artist involved was asked to represent their Sonic Idea of a Vortex, resulting in a selection of tracks different in sound but connected by the same concept.

Like different paths of the same labyrinth, all converging in a common end.

  • How are you ? How was your NYE ? 

你好嗎 ?你的 NYE 怎麼樣?

Hi! I’m fine, thank you, hope you’re doing well too.

I’m feeling pretty relaxed at the moment, I just got back from a trip in Kiev , where I spent New Year’s Eve. It’s a really interesting city where there is so much to discover. It was really nice to visit, both in terms of the city’s tourist destinations and the clubbing aspect. There are some very surprising venues and realities and I’m sure I’ll be going back there soon.



  • Going back to your exciting project for the second anniversary of KR3, you were one of the contributors. How did that happen ? 

回到你激动人心的 KR3 两周年项目,你是贡献者之一。那是怎么发生的 ?

The first time that Daniel, one of KR3’s label managers, and I met was about 3 years ago, when I released my first EP on my label Tears on Waves. He was really curious by the sound, and I remember we talked a lot about how the process started and where the emotions came from. From that day on, we began a friendship built on a wide sharing of musical material, art, and interesting art-related stories of all kinds. 

One afternoon in a bar in Kreuzberg he mentioned that he wanted to release a compilation for the second anniversary of his label, and that he had in mind to release artists who had a specific and recognizable sound for him, and who could rework the idea of the “vortex”. After he developed the idea, called me to ask me to be part of it, and I was very excited about it.

我和 KR3 的一位厂牌经理 Daniel 第一次见面是在大约 3 年前,当时我在我的厂牌 Tears on Waves 上发行了我的第一张 EP。他对声音真的很好奇,我记得我们谈了很多关于这个过程是如何开始的,以及情绪从何而来。从那天起,我们开始了建立在广泛分享音乐材料、艺术和各种有趣的艺术相关故事的基础上的友谊。


Could  you tell us about the process of building your track ?


As for the process, I decided to develop the evolution of the track on two levels, which I metaphorically associated with the element of the vortex, that from the outside reaches its core. I decided to build the first part of the track around the motion of the bass and the distorted drums. Then I tried to turn the voice into a rhythmic element, modulating it and processing it with morphing delays and filters that opening and closing create a perpetual movement. The idea was to create a motion that would then be resolved in the second part, where the bass changes expression, having a more linear shape, and where the voice and the atmospheres find space to rise.


  • With your perspective as an author and contributor, could you describe your feelings when you first time had a chance to listen to the whole compilation? Which track or tracks stayed until now in your head ? 


As soon as I received the tracks I was very curious to see how the visions of these artists from different musical genres and sonic nuances coexisted together to create a unique journey. The thing that really impressed me was to perceive a wide variety of sounds present in this compilation and to see the experimental, deep and mental affinity that binds each track. I also notice a lot of complementarity and functionality between them.

I enjoyed all of the tracks, but the ones I liked the most were those by Terence Fixmer, Alessandro Adriani, and Campbell Irvine. I’ve always been a fan of Terence and his distinctive style, so crunchy and electric if I may use that term. Adriani definitely won me over with the mystical journey he created, especially with the atmospheres he used in his track. While Campbell Irvine appealed to me so much with his choice of experimental sounds and arrangement of the track.


我喜欢所有的曲目,但我最喜欢的是 Terence Fixmer、Alessandro Adriani 和 Campbell Irvine 的曲目。我一直是特伦斯和他独特风格的粉丝,如果我可以使用这个词的话,它是如此的脆脆和充满活力。 Adriani 创造的神秘旅程无疑赢得了我的青睐,尤其是他在赛道中使用的氛围。虽然 Campbell Irvine 对实验声音的选择和曲目的编排非常吸引我。

What are your plans now? Can we get your solo album soon ? 


I’m always working on creating new music, on different fronts, and I’m mostly exploring new musical worlds. First of all I would like to release all the unreleased tracks I made in these last two years but I’m still wondering in which terms it will happen. Unfortunately the situation with the pressing plant is very critical at the moment, the pressing times have become very long, but one way or another I’m sure I’ll release the next solo-EP in March. For the rest I have two releases coming soon on two different labels, one strictly related to a pretty known club in our music scene, the other on a label that has really offered a lot so far to the Post Punk and EBM scene.

For the rest I’m pursuing a project of experimental rock music with the band, with which I feel very motivated because I am in continuous phase of exploration and emotional completeness, which I hope will see the light in the coming months. 

我一直致力于在不同的领域创作新音乐,而且我主要是在探索新的音乐世界。首先,我想发布我在过去两年中制作的所有未发布的曲目,但我仍然想知道它会以哪种方式发生。不幸的是,目前压制工厂的情况非常危急,压制时间变得很长,但无论如何我确信我会在三月份发布下一张个人EP。剩下的,我很快就会在两个不同的唱片公司发行两个版本,一个与我们音乐界非常知名的俱乐部密切相关,另一个在一个迄今为止确实为 Post Punk 和 EBM 界提供了很多东西的厂牌上。