Mannequin Records is proud to present a 2xLP compilation of System 01, the legendary techno project of Johnny Klimek & Paul Browse + Track Premiere

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Moving from acid basslines, 808/909 minimalistic reminiscences and hidden movie samples, the core of the compilation is covering Johnny and Paul whole activity as System 01, spanning from their 1990 debut EP “From Psychodelics To Cybernetics” on Interfisch with Timothy Leary, father of the LSD generation, to 1994, with the release of their most acclaimed album “Drugs Work” on Tresor, naturally placing them in the “Der Klang Der Familie”.

Excited to to premiere track The Pleasure Principle

For the artwork we thought it was a good idea to contact the legendary Ian Anderson from The Designers Republic, who made the original ‘Drugs Work’ artwork. The British graphic design studio based in Sheffield are best known for electronic music logos and album artwork for Warp Records, having designed the most iconic releases of Aphex Twin and Autechre.

The story of System 01 starts way before the early 90’s, and precisely in the early 80’s, when Melbourne-born producer/bassist Johnny Klimek achieved worldwide chart success after a move to Berlin, with an act called ‘The Other Ones’, which included his brother Alf and twin sister Jayney Klimek.

In the years that followed Johnny set up his own production studio in Berlin, and together with Paul Browse went on to infiltrate the electronic music scene with System 01 and Effective Force, with releases on Interfisch/Tresor.

Founder member of the Sheffield cult group Clock DVA, Paul Browse, feeling that this body of work could not be topped, left in 1989 both Clock Dva and England, in favour of Berlin, to start a new life and to continue his occult research. The high point and most successful experiments of his period with Clock Dva can be heard on the album “Buried Dreams”.

After a short period of quarantine, Paul was welcomed into Berlin’s underground research network, meeting Johnny and embarking himself on a series of joint adventures with the city’s most dedicated and driven. Together they established the new sound of Berlin. Moments later the Berlin Wall fell.

In fact, after the fall of the Berlin Wall, unused areas and buildings were ready to be filled with new life all over Berlin, with both parts East and West conquering new open and unclaimed spaces. Clubs, galleries, studios and studios emerge – often only for a few weeks. Berlin will soon be the epicenter of a new culture, attracting thousands of fans from all over the world.

In meantime Johnny Klimek started a side-career, touring in Europe with the Nina Hagen Band as bass player, which would later lead to writing and co-producing her next album in collaboration with Reinhold Heil.

In that same year a partnership with director/composer Tom Tykwer and Reinhold Heil was established, being a 3-piece production team dedicated to the output of film scores, beginning with the 1997 film “Winter Sleepers” and following with ‘Run Lola Run’, which incidentally is the most successful German film in the US since ‘Das Boot’.

After many successful soundtrack features, including among the others ‘Cloud Atlas’ – nominated for a Golden Globe Award for Best Original Score – and Romero’s ‘Land Of The Dead’, Johnny is the composer of the 4th movie of the Matrix saga, ‘Matrix Resurrections’, due to be released on 18th December 2021.


从酸性低音线、808/909 极简回忆和隐藏的电影样本开始,汇编的核心涵盖了约翰尼和保罗作为系统 01 的整个活动,从他们 1990 年与父亲蒂莫西·利里 (Timothy Leary) 在 Interfisch 上的首张 EP“从心理科学到控制论”开始LSD 一代,到 1994 年,随着他们在 Tresor 上最受好评的专辑“Drugs Work”的发行,自然而然地将他们置于“Der Klang Der Familie”中。对于艺术品,我们认为最好联系设计师共和国的传奇伊恩安德森,他制作了原始的“药物工作”艺术品。这家位于谢菲尔德的英国平面设计工作室以 Warp Records 的电子音乐徽标和专辑插图而闻名,他们设计了 Aphex Twin 和 Autechre 最具标志性的发行版。

System 01 的故事早在 90 年代初,也就是在 80 年代初,当时墨尔本出生的制作人/贝斯手约翰尼·克利梅克搬到柏林后在全球排行榜上取得成功,他的表演名为“其他人”,其中包括他的兄弟阿尔夫和双胞胎妹妹杰尼·克里梅克。在接下来的几年里,Johnny 在柏林建立了自己的制作工作室,并与 Paul Browse 一起以 System 01 和 Effective Force 渗透到电子音乐界,并在 Interfisch/Tresor 上发行。谢菲尔德邪教组织 Clock DVA 的创始成员 Paul Browse 觉得这项工作无法超越,于 1989 年离开 Clock Dva 和英国,转而前往柏林,开始新的生活并继续他的神秘研究。可以在专辑“Buried Dreams”中听到他与 Clock Dva 合作期间的高潮和最成功的实验。经过短暂的隔离后,保罗被欢迎进入柏林的地下研究网络,与约翰尼会面,并与这座城市最敬业和最有动力的人开始了一系列的联合冒险。他们一起建立了柏林的新声音。片刻之后,柏林墙倒塌。


与此同时,Johnny Klimek 开始了副业,与 Nina Hagen 乐队作为贝斯手在欧洲巡回演出,后来与 Reinhold Heil 合作创作和联合制作了她的下一张专辑。

同年与导演/作曲家汤姆·提克威 (Tom Tykwer) 和莱因霍尔德·海尔 (Reinhold Heil) 建立了合作伙伴关系,成为一个 3 人制作团队,致力于电影配乐的输出,从 1997 年的电影“冬眠者”开始,随后是“劳拉快跑”顺便说一下,这是自“Das Boot”以来在美国最成功的德国电影。

在获得了许多成功的配乐功能后,其中包括获得金球奖最佳原创配乐提名的“云图集”和罗梅罗的“死亡之地”,约翰尼是黑客帝国传奇的第四部电影“黑客帝国”的作曲家复活》,将于 2021 年 12 月 18 日上映。