Free Your Mind joins DeFeKT and Jensen Interceptor for the first of two releases from the pair on Tresor in 2022.

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Thematically Free Your Mind, and its forthcoming counterpart, Free Your Body, are a deeply personal exploration of both artists’ experiences of Multiple Sclerosis, a degenerative disease affecting the central nervous system.

After receiving a diagnosis of MS in 2016 DeFeKT used music as the main coping mechanism to process the huge changes in his life. Of that time he says, “Music saved me. Every day, every hour it was my escape.”

Jensen Interceptor had first-hand knowledge of the effects of MS after a close family member was diagnosed, and so the two found common bonds that they used to inspire this collective project. This opened a deep well of creativity in the pair that resulted in 10 tracks made in a single week.

Musically the record is exactly what you would expect from two of this generation’s most distinctive Electro artists; all the production hallmarks of both are combined, bolstered by a newfound maturity and sonic depth that belies a lifelong love of the genre and its many pioneers.

Tresor335 Free Your Mind is dedicated to everyone dealing with hidden illness. Tresor335 Free Your Mind is dedicated to anyone processing loss.
Tresor335 Free Your Mind is dedicated to those who give new meaning to old ideas. Tresor335 Free Your Mind is dedicated to everyone who finds their strength in the sound. Tresor335 Free Your Mind is dedicated to those willing to listen.

Tresor335 Free Your Mind is dedicated to those who want to learn. Tresor335 Free Your Mind is dedicated to escaping what’s holding you back. Tresor335 Free Your Mind is dedicated to letting go.
Tresor335 Free Your Mind is dedicated to alien perspectives.
Tresor335 Free Your Mind is dedicated to Detroit and the pioneers of Electro. Tresor335 Free Your Mind is dedicated to Elizabeth Flanagan


Jensen Interceptor has provided his versatile brand of Electro to clubs and warehouses around the world; on the dancefloor, his audience is promised a sonic party like no other as he effortlessly moves from Detroit Electro & Miami Bass to rolling Italo, thunderous 90’s Breaks and driving EBM.

A resident on Rinse FM, his show has become thee go-to for those seeking fast-paced club-focussed music, as well as using his platform to introduce the best in emerging DJs and producers to a wider audience

Intensely prolific in the studio, his remixes and productions have been released on a huge list of most influential labels in electronic music including Maceo Plex’s Lone Romantic, Boys Noize Records, Cultivated Electronics, Central Processing Unit as well as his own International Chrome imprint. These releases have been heard in sets by a diverse list of DJs such as Aphex Twin, Dave Clarke, DJ Stingray, Helena Hauff, and Trevor Jackson.

DeFeKT (aka Matthew Flanagan) has been a tireless advocate of true electro and techno, steadily honing his hardware based sound that has earned him admirers all through the electronic music community. DeFeKT released an 8-track mini album on a long-running Irish label in 2010, which gained huge support, that has continued steadily since. A slew of 12′′ EPs and remixes have followed under his DeFeKT/ESS and Octal Step guises on an array of top labels. DeFeKT’s long-time devotion to analog drum machines and modular synths make him a leading authority on both, as exemplified in the exciting, dynamic nature of his live sets and productions.

Free Your Mind 与 DeFeKT 和 Jensen Interceptor 一起在 2022 年的 Tresor 上发布了两个版本中的第一个。主题 Free Your Mind 及其即将推出的对应版本 Free Your Body 是对两位艺术家多发性硬化症经历的深入个人探索,一种影响中枢神经系统的退行性疾病。

在 2016 年被诊断出 MS 后,DeFeKT 以音乐作为主要的应对机制来应对生活中的巨大变化。在那段时间里,他说:“音乐拯救了我。每一天,每一小时,这都是我的逃避。”

Jensen Interceptor 在一位亲密的家庭成员被诊断出后,对 MS 的影响有第一手的了解,因此两人找到了共同的纽带,他们用来激发这个集体项目。这在这对搭档中开启了深厚的创造力,导致在一周内制作了 10 首曲目。


Pic © Christopher Bouchard

Jensen Interceptor 为世界各地的俱乐部和仓库提供了他的多功能品牌 Electro;在舞池里,他的观众被许诺一个与众不同的声音派对,因为他毫不费力地从底特律电子和迈阿密贝斯转移到滚动的 Italo,雷鸣般的 90 年代休息和驾驶 EBM。

作为 Rinse FM 的常客,他的节目已成为那些寻求快节奏俱乐部音乐的人的首选,并利用他的平台向更广泛的观众介绍新兴 DJ 和制作人中的佼佼者

他的混音和制作在工作室中非常多产,已在电子音乐领域最具影响力的众多唱片公司中发布,包括 Maceo Plex 的 Lone Romantic、Boys Noize Records、Cultivated Electronics、Central Processing Unit 以及他自己的 International Chrome 印记。 Aphex Twin、Dave Clarke、DJ Stingray、Helena Hauff 和 Trevor Jackson 等众多 DJ 都在现场聆听了这些版本。