Liza Aikin & Monolog present their debut collaborative EP, Until There Was Nothing on LA’s Evar Records + Video Premiere

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Two Berlin techno stalwarts join forces for the first time.

Liza Aikin & Monolog present their debut collaborative EP, Until There Was Nothing on LA’s Evar Records. After sharing a studio together for five years, the two accomplished producers fuse their contrasting approaches to create a collection of biting percussive loops and muscular electronics.This collaboration sees the pair explore new territories in sound design, composition and delivery.

Monolog, an alias of Mads Lindgren since 1999, is famed for intense, densely layered noise-based experiments that push technological limits and fuse his diverse experiences in metal, noise, jazz and DnB. Collaborating with Aikin was a process of slimming his production style down, harnessing the mesmeric power of rhythmic repetition. For Aikin on the other hand, a seasoned DJ whose subtly cinematic productions have appeared on labels like Mord and Gegen Berlin, this collaboration was about reaching for new extremes. Given full creative control by Evar, the result is raw and unrestrained. In Aikin’s own words:“I’d consider this record one of my most savage, but also thanks to that, the most technically accomplished.”

“Remnant” is a highly textured techno workout, mixing blunted percussion with delicate gliding pads to make something at once caressing, and brutally unyielding.“Siam” is an exercise in noise, complexity and control, its tough, obstinate beats mask a tightly wound, intricate core. “Formed By Impact” is fine-tuned for huge, echoey spaces – menacing, pulse-raising and hypnotic throughout except for brief, cathartic moments where the smoke clears. Finally,“Datawerk” closes the EP, a propulsive basement weapon for introverted dancers late into the night.

Hot on the heels of releases from C.Z.,Wheez-ie, Speed Dealer Moms and more,Aikin and Monolog close out a prolific second year of operations for Evar. Showcasing two accomplished producers engaged in a mutual learning process, this is explosive music for unwavering dancefloors.


Liza Aikin 和 Monolog 推出了他们的首张合作 EP,直到洛杉矶的 Evar 唱片公司一无所有。在共同工作了五年之后,这两位颇有成就的制作人融合了他们截然不同的方法,创造了一系列尖锐的打击乐循环和肌肉发达的电子设备。这次合作让两人在声音设计、作曲和交付方面探索了新的领域。

Monolog 自 1999 年起成为 Mads Lindgren 的别名,以激烈、密集的基于噪声的实验而闻名,这些实验突破了技术极限,并融合了他在金属、噪声、爵士乐和 DnB 方面的各种经验。与 Aikin 合作是一个精简他的制作风格的过程,利用节奏重复的催眠力。另一方面,对于 Aikin 来说,他是一位经验丰富的 DJ,他的电影作品巧妙地出现在 Mord 和 Gegen Berlin 等品牌上,这次合作是为了达到新的极端。由 Evar 完全控制创意,结果是原始和无拘无束的。用 Aikin 自己的话来说:“我认为这张唱片是我最野蛮的唱片之一,但也多亏了它,它是技术上最有成就的唱片。”

“Remnant”是一种高度质感的技术练习,将钝的打击乐与精致的滑动垫混合在一起,使某些东西既爱抚又残酷不屈。“Siam”是一种噪音、复杂性和控制力的练习,其强硬、顽固的节拍掩盖了一个紧绷的伤口,错综复杂的核心。 “Formed By Impact”针对巨大的回声空间进行了微调——除了烟雾消散的短暂、宣泄的时刻外,整个空间充满威胁、脉搏和催眠。最后,“Datawerk”关闭了 EP,这是一种用于深夜内向舞者的推进地下室武器。

紧随 C.Z.、Wheez-ie、Speed Dealer Moms 等的发布之后,Aikin 和 Monolog 结束了 Evar 多产的第二年运营。展示了两个有成就的制作人在相互学习的过程中,这是坚定不移的舞池的爆炸性音乐。