Kangding Ray returns with a landmark album on his own ara imprint.

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Ultrachroma shows the esteemed producer at the height of his craft, pushing his unique sonic signature of angular beats and hyper detailed textures towards new frontiers.


Kangding Ray about the album:

“This album is the result of 3 years of sonic research into finding new directions to develop my music. Over time I have gradually evolved from my early works of filigrane ambient to a much more club-focused sound. Now that I have my own platform with ara.

I wanted to experiment further and beyond techno, leave some of my habits and compositional gestures behind, question my intentions, and then see what i can find that way.

There are two ways to react to the current chaos we live in : either you emphasise the dystopian and nihilistic feeling of the world out there, or you propose new directions and alternatives. I wanted this album to be an oblique take on a possible psychedelic future : hyper-digital, intricate, nervous, but also colourful and ultimately really beautiful. Like what is left of dance-music after an ego death.”

“这张专辑是3年来为寻找发展我的音乐的新方向而进行的声学研究的结果。随着时间的推移,我已经从早期的filigrane ambient作品逐渐发展到更注重俱乐部的声音。现在我有了自己的平台–Ara。




How does it relate to your other recent works?

Predawn Qualia ( the first  EP on my own imprint ). My releases on Figure, which are much more functional and techno-focused,  and “61 Mirrors”, the soundtrack for the SKALAR installation which i released in 2020 , were all records i made during the rather long process of making this album, so they share a similar sonic signature, but in different forms, and tailored to different moments and places. Sound only becomes real through space and time, so the same music will have a different meaning depending on the context where it is diffused.I feel inspired while navigating the areas between what is considered experimental and what is usually expected in dance music.  The communal experience and the spiritual epiphanies that t he ritual of collective dance  can provoke are elements i try to integrate in a conceptual artistic framework.


Predawn Qualia(我自己唱片公司的第一张EP)。 我在Figure上发行的唱片,更注重功能和技术,以及我在2020年发行的SKALAR装置的原声带 “61面镜子”,都是我在制作这张专辑的相当长的过程中制作的唱片,所以它们有类似的声音特征,但形式不同,而且是为不同的时刻和地点量身定做。声音只有通过空间和时间才能成为现实,所以同样的音乐会有不同的意义,这取决于它被扩散的背景。我在浏览被认为是实验性的东西和舞蹈音乐中通常被期望的东西之间的区域时感到有灵感。  集体舞蹈的仪式所能引起的公共体验和精神顿悟是我试图在一个概念性的艺术框架中整合的元素。

How was the process of releasing it yourself?

I feel that at this point of my career I want to have full control on my creative process, and be able to create an entire universe around a release. That’s why ULTRACHROMA will not only be a record, available in vinyl and digital, but also take the form of an audiovisual installation,  some art editions, a series of generated NFT’s and a permaweb archive. The aim of the label is to build a community of listeners who are passionate about the music rather than the persona behind it. Like-minded people supporting artists who are approaching creation in a similar manner : that means focused on developing a specific, singular and sometimes multidisciplinary artistic approach to electronic music.We have some incredible releases coming up in various forms from the likes of Polygonia, Sorcery and some other new artists that we will announce in the next months, i feel very lucky to have them on board.




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