Julia Govor returns with a new EP Alone Together to celebrate the 10th release of her label. Out July 22nd on Jujuka + Track Premiere

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Julia started the label in 2018 – initially as a self release imprint only and then expanded worldwide including other producers throughout the years. 

The 10th release is dedicated to all Jujuka‘s contributing artists who intricately inspire Govor. Alone Together comes in full swing as an uplifting, driving force in Julia’s catalog. The EP truly shows her passion and excitement as a curator, navigator and producer leading to rewarding collaborations. 

Sonically, the release is a form of protest against the need of constant genre defining in electronic music, manifested through Govor‘s ever evolving manipulation of sound. 

Main idea behind the Jujuka imprint is persistent bold exploration of different frequencies intertwined with unpredictable tones and speed. 

The Alone Together EP demonstrates this idea like never before.


第10个版本是献给所有Jujuka的贡献艺术家,他们错综复杂地激发了Govor。Alone Together》作为Julia目录中的一个振奋人心的驱动力,如期而至。这张EP真正展示了她作为一个策划者、领航者和制作人的激情和兴奋,导致了有益的合作。



Alone Together EP以前所未有的方式展示了这个想法。




Releases July 22, 2022 

Written and produced by Julia Govor 

Master and mix by Kamran Sadeghi at www.ritualsignal.com 

Artwork by ANNA Z