Experimental electronic hip-hop duo H31R unveiled their latest single, featuring the talents of Detroit-based GRAMMY-nominated producer and rapper.

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Quelle Chris. maassai effortlessly navigates her verses with unwavering confidence and agility, while Quelle Chris seamlessly shifts between synchronized rapping with JWords’ brisk beats and crafting an independent, fluid flow at a moment’s notice.

“Down Down Bb” follows the release of previous singles “Right Here” and “Backwards,” providing glimpses into their upcoming album, ‘HeadSpace,’ released on November 17th via Big Dada.

Photo : Dominique Mills

H31R, born out of JWords and maassai’s shared ambition to bridge the gap between hip-hop and electronic music, emerged through a mutual appreciation for each other’s distinctive production and rhyme styles.

Their debut album, ‘ve·loc·i·ty,’ released in 2020, showcased a unique fusion of hip-hop and electronica, enriched with elements of jazz, juke, Jersey club, and boom bap.

This project laid the foundation for their desire to create another album.

‘HeadSpace’ marks a new phase of maturity for the duo, as they grapple with a deeper understanding of their identity and contemplate their interactions with the world.

The album, consisting of 14 tracks, maintains a rapid pace, with “Glitch In Time” setting the tone through gritty bass, groovy drums, and quirky melodies.

Moments of introspection and self-reflection are woven into tracks like “Static” and “Reflection,” while the dynamic duo explores the dichotomy of light and darkness in the oscillating “Rotation” and the expansive, multidimensional journey of “All Over The Place.” Additionally, “Backwards” propels forward, overcoming obstacles, while “Train of Thought” delves into the mechanics of thinking, transitioning from concrete to abstract as the song unfolds.

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