‘Heartcore’ photographic series by Amsterdam-based photographer Martijn Kuyvenhoven & Berlin based Mongolian artist Hongor

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Dutch fashion photographer Martijn Kuyvenhoven (Amsterdam, He/Him) and Mongolian artist Hongor (Berlin, He/Him) present ‘Heartcore’; a photographic series investigating the tension between the masc and femme. 

Hongor – although born in Leipzig and raised in Berlin, left Germany behind at the age of 10, returning to his motherland Mongolia. This marked a life-shifting moment, the beginning of a journey to connect with his family and their deeper rooted nomadic culture of horsemanship. Sometime after, Hongor’s journey brought him back to Berlin, where he is once again redefining himself as a modern nomad. Today, his identity is shaped by his artistic approach as a model and DJ.

Growing up in a small village in the Netherlands, Martijn fought himself free from the traditional expectations society laid upon him as a man. Now, he is exploring the search for identity through his lens by collaborating with artists/creatives across Europe. 

Although their physical history might not add up, a parallel could be found in the philosophical drive behind their work. 

Led by a sense of synergy, the ambitious duo decided to join forces and dive into the cross-capital realm of their personal yet shared consciousness. This exchange of impulses resulted in an investigation of the clash between the masc and the femme, the light and the shadow, and the soft and the hard.

Hearthcore photographic series
Jewellery by Maria Black@mariablackjewellery / Top by Sleepinq R@sleepinq.r
Hearthcore photographic series

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