Interview with Monya – live artist realising on HANDS, MORD and her own label Corresponding Positions

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Originally from Poland, Monya has been based in Berlin for over a decade.

Active since 2009, she released her first full length album for BCR in 2013. In 2014, she launched her own label ‘Corresponding Positions’. Followed by the successful growth of the project, Monya involved herself in supporting new faces in the scene by releasing their debut musical output. 

Monya specializes in industrial techno, but she never kept her productions in one range. A multitude of approaches and experimentation are easily visible in her live sets which in order for one to fully grasp, one must bare witness. 

In 2019, Monya was welcomed into the esteemed HANDS label family with her album “straight ahead” followed by a release on MORD in 2021. 

Her latest effort on HANDS – “Einweg Ausweg Ende” came out End of 2022 and her second LP for HANDS is already due later this year.

Monya artist

Hello Monya, how are you doing and what are you at?

Hi, I’m good thank you, a busy Mommy and I concentrate on work and music.

Tell us about your music path’s past, present and future. You have many years on the scene and being an artist of the renowned label Hands by Udo Weissman

… and my career is long and rocky 😉 I started producing music in 1999, I have always been interested only in producing. I met my Husband at this time and he showed me how to mix tracks. I’ve also DJ’d from time to time. My first big gig was at Tresor Berlin. I played there regularly at the time with the BCR label, which was well known at the time.  After that came various releases and collaborations with artists like Perc, Bas Mooy, Rebekah, Mike Parker, and Steve Stoll. My first album Somatics was born. Unfortunately, my path with BCR has come apart. Instead, the door opened with Killekill. I started performing only LIVE, which has always been my biggest desire. I played regularly and traveled a bit. Until 2019 when my second child was born.

In that time my music taste has changed and I have been a big fan of the HANDS label. I wanted to be a part of it. After a few rejections, I finally made it and got the long-awaited YES from Udo Weismann. With the birth of my daughter, my new adventure with Hands began. I love to perform live. I love these industrial parties and am happy to release them regularly on this label.

Monya artist
Monya artist

How did you start shaping your sound? How would you define it now and what would be the following approach to its evolution?

I started producing with Ableton. Only a few years later I was introduced to the world of analog. I was lucky to be part of a great studio community where there were an incredible amount of machines, including huge modular systems. I was allowed to use and try everything, I often sat in the studio early before work or right after work, for hours. In the meantime, I bought my first machine, which is still the heart of my live act. later, others came or went again.

My sound is industrial, quite hard-hitting, danceable, and loud, with different influences. You can hear techno, EBM, punk, metal, rock, a good mix of everything. At the moment I want to expand my setup with a small modular monster. It will be noisy, but always danceable.

Tell us about your vision as an artist. How would you describe it briefly?

At the moment, I don’t have any specific visions. I admit feeling a bit apprehensive about certain aspects of the techno scene, and there are times when I get emotional watching movies depicting weekend parties. However, I accept the current state of things. I wish to continue performing at enjoyable parties and concerts occasionally.

The scene seems to undergo constant change and repetition, which, oddly enough, I find intriguing. The mainstream scene seems a bit overwhelming for me, but, on the flip side, there’s an exciting movement embracing the sounds of the 70s, 80s, and 90s, especially in synth industrial. It keeps things interesting.

Having your knowledge and experience have you ever considered being a mentor to someone starting out having similar aspirations? What is essential to keep moving forward and staying true to yourself in the fast-changing music industry?

In 2011, I launched my own label, Corresponding Positions, with the intention of providing a platform for emerging artists. My goal was to support new talent and help them showcase their work on the stage. Artists like Imperial black units (part of Templar, Unconscious, and End Train) had their initial releases on CP.

However, I might not be the best example of staying consistently on track. I struggle with finding time to be active on social media, and when I do have the time, I often feel a bit lazy about it. The dynamics of staying connected have changed a lot since 2009 to 2016, and now, as I’ve grown older, there’s a constant influx of talented young artists emerging every day.

In this fast-paced environment, it’s crucial to persevere, not conform to external expectations, and remain authentic by doing what you love. I’ve observed many artists altering their styles significantly due to industry trends, and I believe that’s not a healthy path. Losing oneself in the pursuit of meeting industry demands can ultimately lead to a loss of identity.

Monya artist

Speaking about your latest releases you recently collaborated with the legend of EBM Ethan Fawkes, what was your process of creating the reconstruction of Belgium is Back? 

Oh, absolutely!

I have a great relationship with Ethan Fawkes; we’ve been acquainted since he released on my label, Corresponding Positions. I’ve actually remixed for Ethan on two occasions already.

Since I create a substantial number of tracks, when I need to work on a remix, I select one and determine which would suit the remix best.

That’s why, at times, I can complete a remix in just a few hours. Remixing is always a special experience for me—I thoroughly enjoy it and relish the opportunity to infuse a lot of my personal touch into it.

Monya artist

What are the next steps in your music career? As we know something is backing … 🙂 

I am currently working on my upcoming album with HANDS Label, scheduled for release in winter. Additionally, there are other exciting releases in the pipeline, along with a podcast series from LA. I am thrilled to announce my collaboration with the formidable ALTAR Agency in Berlin and look forward to embarking on this new journey with Antonia.

Follow the artist on regular basis: @monya_music

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