Unklevon’s debut LP, ‘UN1C’, released on Boysnoize Records, comprises 11 tracks and includes collaborations with Boys Noize, Alina Pash, Maral Mane, Vel, and DJ MELL G. + Track Premiere

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Unklevon announces debut ‘UN1C’ LP on Boysnoize Records.

‘UN1C’ consists of 11 tracks and features collaborations with Boys Noize, Maral Mane, Vel and DJ MELL G Release Date: 3rd May 2024


Unklevon’s debut album ‘UN1C’ on Boysnoize Records introduces a compelling fusion of Detroit-inspired electro, featuring a title track characterized by a steady snare-heavy beat and futuristic vocals, marking his inaugural full-length release affiliated with the label since 2022.
Following the title track, collaborations with Maral on ‘Bag Secured’ and a deep, earworm vocal-driven ‘Science Club’ exhibit a diverse sonic landscape ranging from raw synthlines to infectious rhythms punctuated with bleeps, showcasing Unklevon’s versatility within the electro genre.
Further expanding the album’s sonic palette, Ukrainian singer Alina Pash infuses ‘High Key’ with modern hip-hop flair, while collaborations like ‘All 4 Homies’ featuring Boys Noize and ‘Spa8cid’ featuring Boys Noize add menacing dancefloor energy, seamlessly transitioning into the acid-infused madness of ‘Miami South Express’.
‘Transed About U’, a peak-time roller with trance-like gated vocals with Vel, and ‘Wizard Snakes’, a collab track with DJ MELL G, offer contrasting yet complementary styles, ranging from hypnotic to classical approaches with rich synth lines and crisp drum work.
Closing the album, ‘Call Me Von’ delivers an amped-up, bass-laden track, solidifying Unklevon’s debut as a promising addition to the global electro scene, showcasing his ability to navigate various subgenres while maintaining a cohesive sonic identity throughout ‘UN1C’.


Unklevon, a French-based producer signed to Boys Noize’s label BNR, rose to prominence after being discovered during the ASTROPOLIS festival in 2018.
Since then, he has released tracks on various labels including Boys Noize, International Chrome (Jensen Interceptor’s label), and Nechto (Nastia’s label), establishing himself as one of the promising newcomers in the electro-techno scene.
Known for his live performances, Unklevon crafts a unique blend of robotic voices, Detroit electro, and 4/4 electro, earning him opportunities to showcase his talent across France, Europe, North America, and South America.

In early 2022, Unklevon joined Boys Noize on his ALBUM TOUR – Polarity, followed by his first solo tour in South America later that year. Subsequently, he released two remixes, one for Boys Noize & ABRA and another for Djedjotronic & Rein, showcasing his versatility as a producer. Additionally, Unklevon dropped two EPs titled “E-Computer” and “PARIS,” further solidifying his presence in the electronic music scene with his distinct sound and dynamic performances.



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