TENSAL, also known as half of Exium, releases his new EP ‘Forgiveness of Blood’ on the hypnotic techno label ‘KR3 Records’ + Track premiere

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KR3 Records is proud to welcome Hector Sandoval TENSAL to its roster.

Known for his work under many aliases (Komatssu, Selección Natural) and for being one half of Exium, with his solo project TENSAL the artist explores a more instinctive approach to sound arising from a modern vision of techno.

多くの別名義(Komatssu、Selección Natural)やExiumの片割れとして知られているが、ソロプロジェクトTENSALでは、テクノの現代的ビジョンから生じる音へのより本能的なアプローチを探求している。


Recorded entirely analogically, Forgiveness of Blood is the perfect demonstration of his vision. With an ambient intro to ease the listener into the experience, the EP moves through the raw and scratchy sounds that have always distinguished both KR3 and the artist himself.

完全にアナログ録音された『Forgiveness of Blood』は、彼のビジョンを完璧に表現している。アンビエントなイントロから始まり、KR3と彼自身を特徴づけてきた生々しくスクラッチなサウンドが展開されます。

The reference to the 12” dynamic and rough rhythms is also clear in the artwork curated by Chianjna.



About Tensal

In 2014 Héctor Sandoval (50 % of Exium) created a new project called Tensal. A label geared towards a modern and cyclic kind of techno that builds on classic synth lines with a variety of influences. The project brings together two different ways of understanding underground techno and has been backed throughout by a great many of the most recognized underground techno DJs in the world. 


KR3 is a platform for artists and visionaries to explore the depth of their sonic identities.

Highly inspired by S. Bicknell’s sonorities and Japanese culture, our catalog is made of repetitive and hypnotizing music that invites you to let it loose and explore the limitless potential of the unconscious.



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