The latest album, “Only One Life Left,” by Szymon Weiss unfolds like a series of episodes, with each title serving as a chapter in a narrative. + Track Premiere

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Certain albums are born from challenging life experiences, just like “Only One Life Left,” a remarkable LP by Szymon Weiss, who has thankfully endured and continues to thrive.

Each track on the album of Szymon Weiss serves as an episode, composing chapters in a story that commences with unrequited love, then navigates through a head-on collision, ultimately concluding with a tale of recuperation and profound appreciation for the life that remains.


Weiss is an electronic-symphonic rebel and a pioneer of the movement in Poland.

His recent musical creations are characterized by a fusion of the drummer’s floor rhythm, juxtaposed with hypnotic and intriguing harmonies and melodies—an unprecedented blend in what is commonly referred to as techno.

Producer of unruly electronic music (bordering with acid-techno), currently merges it with the grand electronic-symphonic show Weiss Video Orchestra and performs with a 16-person chamber orchestra.

Szymon Weiss is also a mix and mastering engineer. Co-founder of Trialog / Holyklang “supergroup” (with Agim, and Manoid). His solo sets combine complex harmonic plots with punchy acid-house beats. CDJs are his samplers.

Sound engineer and ideologist for D16 Group. Formally classified at ZAiKS authors’ association as a classical music composer. Laureate of Za Grolsch Kultury scholarship winner Instytut Festival ambassador. Polish Ministry of Culture scholarship holder. Interviewed by Estrada i Studio magazine for background, masterclass advice and suggestions. 

Music production and engineering mentor at Warsaw’s Instytut Dźwięku. 


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