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#DAMUR, a high-end streetwear label based in Berlin, presented their new collection “Impact Zone” during the Spring/Summer 2023 Berlin Fashion Week on the 10th of September.

Those familiar with #DAMUR’s designer Damur (Shih-Shun) Huang, know that he fearlessly takes a stance on social and environmental matters through his bold designs from daring prints and silhouettes to the most striking fashion show concepts. There is not much #DAMUR is afraid of when it comes to voicing and showcasing his take on genderless fashion in the industry. This season the audience could once again expect the unexpected.

“Impact Zone” refers to the moment when the wave is at its most powerful stage.

It’s for the surfer to take control and use the energy that comes with it. In some cases, this energy might be peaceful and soothing, but in others, it can be a source of tremendous strength and power. From #DAMUR’s point of view, the need to always surpass oneself, to go beyond limits, is the aim of humanity. #DAMUR critiques how humans of today no longer want to be confronted with the trials of life, preferring not to leave their comfort zone to evolve, and rather escape into a digital reality. This year #DAMUR embraced the theme Impact Zone and underlined the liaison between actual surfing, surpassing yourself, and detoxing from the digital world.

Impact Zone embodied the chaotic but electric character of humans and waves binding them together, fighting the restrictions of society.

Inspired by surfing and the ocean, #DAMUR combined beach vibes and high-end streetwear into pieces like urban and functional sunglasses with the signature half-heart design and an elastic strap. They are a part of #DAMUR’s latest collaboration with the Taiwanese eyewear company KlassiC and even an Instagram filter was created to ensure all guests can enjoy and try the glasses out. Straps play a leading role in the entire collection, representing constraints of daily life as we free ourselves of those binds. The straps are modular and designed to work with all the pieces and can be attached and detached, changing the clothing into a new version of it every time. This approach allows the fabrics to have wave-like, fluent, ever-changing forms. Through playing with the contrast of restricted tight-fitting designs and airy freeing silhouettes, the essence of Impact Zone is reflected.

As always, #DAMUR drives to find better solutions for production methods and designs to make them more inclusive and sustainable.

All the pieces are designed genderlessly, for all beachgoers. Following the path of sustainability, part of the collection is made out of upcycled secondhand jeans produced in the #DAMUR atelier in Berlin. #DAMUR underpins the recycling process by using biodegradable acetate in the eyewear collaboration with KlassiC. The remaining pieces are made from deadstock cotton, organza, mesh, denim, and foil, all produced in Poland. In addition, #DAMUR has partnered with Align Textile Co., Ltd to produce upcycled jacquards in the designer’s home country, Taiwan.

The first set of pieces on the runway was made of organza and mesh fabrics. These beautiful light materials make days on the beach dreamy with their see-through and breezy characteristics, leaving the skin feeling fresh and dry. The technology behind it is an innovative bi-elastic micro-mesh made of polyamide which is naturally moisture wicking. In the show, the audience was greeted with saturated hues of white and blue reflecting nature in its purest form, whereas the green and red mirrors the poisonous impact of humanity. This takes a stand on how the oceans are being contaminated with never-ending streams of plastic and oil spillages. To create streetwear suitable for high-impact activities, the collection uses durable denim and moisture-resistant fabrics creating not just art, but functionality, making the Impact Zone perfect for surfing the wave.

This season #DAMUR brought the beach vibes to Berlin in the middle of September, by partnering with Wellenwerk, an indoor surfing pool. Wellenwerk complements the collection not only with surfable waves but also with its values regarding sustainability, like operating the whole building with green energy. #DAMUR values sustainability as the brand is known for its upcycling practices and transparency in production.

Linked to the collection the dress code for the guests was beachwear as #DAMUR surfed the last wave of summer for one last time. By joining the party, people got to experience yet another phenomenal #DAMUR event. Before the fashion show, the audience had a chance to get a tattoo from 3 motifs that #DAMUR designed together with Berlin’s tattoo artist Jackie Blümel, inspired by the new collection. For heated and inspirational discussions about sustainability, the guests could join Berlin’s most influential doers for a round table discussion about circularity in Berlin hosted by Jesko Perrey, the Senior Partner at McKinsey. Throughout the event drinks and food was served by Deus Temple Berlin with music blasting in the air. As the show started, the designer Damur (Shih-Shun) Huang welcomed the audience, followed by a thrilling opening of the runway show as models took over the pool. To complement the show, summer was celebrated one last time with a garden afterparty filled with tropical techno beats organized by Loom Festival.

The runway show is produced together with Jay Jay Models, providing the most diverse models in Berlin, who wore astonishing makeup by MUD Studio Germany matching the collection. To capture the immaculate night of creations, #DAMUR cooperated with Northfab, a digital production company in Berlin, and photographer Kaska Jankiewicz. The show was an incredible event that was carefully put together by the most influential partners; Fashion Council Germany, and Berlin Fashion Week.



Photographer Kaśka Jankiewicz @kaskajankiewicz