SHDW & Obscure Shape and their “Mutual Rytm” imprint celebrating a first-year anniversary with an outstanding 3 vinyls pack “Federation of Rytm” compilation series.

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SHDW & Obscure Shape and their “Mutual Rytm” imprint celebrating a first-year anniversary with an outstanding 3 vinyl pack as their tenth release to date and the second instalment of their “Federation of Rytm” compilation series.

We are here to premiere the track of Chontane:

Hi Chontane, firstly congrats on the track and being on such a massive compilation! Could you introduce yourself?

My name is David Natochen aka Chontane.  I’m 27 years old and living in Berlin, Kreuzberg. I have been making music for about 12 years now and recently launched my own website for sound design, mixdowns & masterings as well as master classes.

我叫David Natochen,又名Chontane。 我今年27岁,住在柏林的克鲁兹堡。我从事音乐创作已经有12年了,最近推出了自己的网站,从事声音设计、混音和母带制作以及大师班。

Tell us the story of how did you join the Mutual Rytm family?

I came in contact with Marco in October 2021. 
He reached out to me through Facebook and told me about his new label project and asked for some demos. I had a really good feeling about Marco and Lui and the vision for the label. We shortly became good friends. First, it took me about a month to collect new material for the demo. I’m very critical of my own productions, and I’d rather wait longer and work on the sound than just collect what I have. So we signed the first record in November and were already thinking about the second one, which I just finished recently and currently preparing for the pre-masters. There are so many great plans with Mutual Rytm and I really love the guys and their passion and workflow. Expect a lot of great music on Mutual Rytm next year!

我是在2021年10月与Marco接触的。 他通过Facebook联系到我,告诉我他的新厂牌项目,并要求我提供一些样片。我对Marco和Lui以及这个厂牌的愿景有非常好的感觉。我们很快就成了好朋友。首先,我花了大约一个月的时间来收集新的材料来制作演示。我对自己的作品非常挑剔,我宁愿等待更长的时间,在声音上下功夫,而不是只收集我的东西。因此,我们在11月签下了第一张唱片,并且已经在考虑第二张,我最近刚刚完成,目前正在准备前期制作。Mutual Rytm有很多伟大的计划,我真的很喜欢这些人和他们的激情和工作流程。期待明年Mutual Rytm会有很多伟大的音乐! 

We are here to premiere a track  ”Jul”. Could you tell us about the process of it? 

Jul was made about 2 years ago. First, it should come out on another label.  At that time it was a different version and it was missing some of the percussive elements as well as the baseline. 

For the VA I made some changes to the mixdown and added also elements.

 The idea behind the track was to produce a heavy yet groovy track that combines elements of grime, break

Jul是大约2年前制作的。首先,它应该是在另一个标签上出来的。 当时它是一个不同的版本,它缺少一些打击乐元素以及基线。 为了VA,我对混音做了一些修改,也增加了一些元素。 这首曲子背后的想法是要制作一首沉重而又令人愉悦的曲子,它结合了Grime、Break的元素。

The “Federation Of Rytm II” vinyl edition comes with a heavy inside-out cover, finished with a high-quality logo hot foil print on the front, and printed inner sleeves. Strictly limited to 500 copies.

mutual rytm KEYI STUDIO chontane shdw obscure shape

Being the buzzing German producer’s most prestigious project to date, their musical philosophy of “modern old school techno”, has been backed up by some of their favorite artists out there, from well-established to new upcoming producers, all contributing their music to take part in one of the most highlighted releases of the new year.

The compilation features 22 tracks: 18 cuts spread over 3 vinyls covered with the SHDW Obscure shape – Mutal Rytm label’s neat artwork signature, and 4 digital bonus tracks.

This and more, sum up the musical vision of the German duo, going between early hours to peak time anthems and in between previously known artists to the label and new appearances of new talents, all together, symbolized by different generations and areas of techno-based music, backed up with the label head honchos SHDW & Obscure Shape’s wide community following, marking the calendar for an exciting game changer release set for February 2023.

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