The World of Marcel Castellano – an multitalented Colombian-Venezuelan make up & hair artist & creative director & photographer showcasing his best works.

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Portrait of Marcel Castellano.

Marcel Castellano is an outstanding beauty and make-up artist & photographer and more. He brings to his craft the added value of his knowledge of film make-up, characterisation, hairdressing, production, photography, consulting, design, and fashion stylism.

His command of public speaking supports his successful talks and seminars, making him a well-rounded fashion coach.

His work with celebrities, fashion editorials, photography, art direction, and stylism are some of the aspects that blend in his balance between modernity, timelessness, and global flavour.

Marcel Castellano has every reason to build an impeccable career, with honours for his participation in international projects such as Miss Venezuela, Miss Dominican Republic, and Miss Spain. His sleek and immaculate work makes him stand out among the new-generation consultants in fashion and show business.

Marcel Castellano 是一位杰出的美容和化妆师兼摄影师等等。 他将他在电影化妆、人物塑造、美发、制作、摄影、咨询、设计和时尚风格方面的知识的附加值带到了他的手艺中。


Marcel Castellano 完全有理由打造无可挑剔的职业生涯,他因参与委内瑞拉小姐、多米尼加共和国小姐和西班牙小姐等国际项目而获得荣誉。 他圆滑而完美的工作使他在时尚和演艺界的新一代顾问中脱颖而出。

  • Who is Marcel Castellano?

Marcel Castellano is a young Colombian-Venezuelan artist with a determined and intriguing personality and character. He is constantly exploring his inner reality to offer us a sophisticated aesthetic through his artwork.

  • 谁是Marcel Castellano?

Marcel Castellano 是一位年轻的哥伦比亚-委内瑞拉艺术家,具有坚定而有趣的个性和性格。 他不断探索他的内心现实,通过他的作品为我们提供一种复杂的审美。


-How do you actively strengthen your art?

Art is based in sensitivity, therefore what keeps me active creatively is my love and my passion for what I consider art; for me it is to see the beauty of life while maintaining that love for inspiration.

Traveling is one of the most interesting things that life can offer you.. it allows you to see other realities, to know other cultures and opinions. To see through new eyes. In this way you collect and recognize enough material to mold your own concept and leitmotif as an artist.


艺术以敏感性为基础,因此让我保持创造性活跃的是我对艺术的热爱和热情; 对我来说,这是在保持对灵感的热爱的同时看到生活的美丽。

旅行是生活能给你带来的最有趣的事情之一。它让你看到其他的现实,了解其他的文化和观点。 用新的眼光去看。 通过这种方式,您收集和识别足够的材料来塑造您自己的概念和作为艺术家的主题。

– What is the message you want to convey to the world?

The message that I want to convey to the world is that they never give up, that they love themselves more, that they believe more in what they do, that they always seek to evolve and grow daily and above all that they remember that the answer is within the heart of each.

-Define your art in three words.

Unique, aesthetic and conceptual.

– 你想向世界传达什么信息?

我想向世界传达的信息是,他们永不放弃,他们更爱自己,他们对自己所做的事情更加相信,他们每天都在寻求进步和成长,最重要的是,他们记住了答案 在每个人心中。

– 用三个词定义你的艺术。


-How do you define your art?

I have called my art the Art of Embellishment. I seek to give each thing that I touch a unique beauty, I elevate it’s love, seeking a pleasing aesthetic for the eye.

– 你如何定义你的艺术?

我称我的艺术为装饰艺术。 我力求赋予我接触到的每一件独特的美,我提升它的爱,寻求一种赏心悦目的美感。

-What do you do to get inspired?

I find my inspiration through meditation, applying sacred geometry, visiting my Mother Earth, getting away from chaos (seeking peaceful places) and finding myself while searching my inner world as the great master Plato taught.

– 你做什么来获得灵感?



-What led you to choose this profession?

I do not define myself in the typical manner or as in a typical role such as a photographer. I travel in different languages of art that I am passionate about without defining myself within a specific category.. my life has always been crossed by art. 
My career path began as a model and at age sixteen I began doing professional makeup. I also designed hand bags for a fashion firm. At the moment I dedicate myself to fashion photography, visual art and writing. I enjoy every creative path that I undertake. Makeup led me to photography because of the need to show my work in a professional portfolio.. I preferred to learn to do it myself instead of seeking another professional. I am curious and love to study new things every day.

– 是什么让你选择了这个专业?

我不会以典型的方式或像摄影师这样的典型角色来定义自己。 我在不同的艺术语言中旅行,我对这些语言充满热情,而没有将自己定义在一个特定的类别中……我的生活一直被艺术所贯穿。

我的职业道路始于模特,16 岁时我开始做专业化妆。 我还为一家时装公司设计手提包。 目前我致力于时尚摄影、视觉艺术和写作。 我喜欢我所走的每一条创造性道路。 化妆把我带到了摄影领域,因为我需要在专业的作品集中展示我的作品。我更喜欢自己学习而不是寻找其他专业人士。 我很好奇,喜欢每天研究新事物。

Makeup, Hair and Photo by Me

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