Neopop Festival is back on the 10th, 11th and 12th of August and the lineup is set. 

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In 2022, Neopop closed its 15th edition with a historic mark– the largest attendance ever at the Forte de Santiago da Barra.

This year the organization predicts another full house for its 16th edition which takes place on the 10th, 11th and 12th of August. Neopop takes place in Viana do Castelo and has a super solid electronic music program. It is a unique location that brings together the best of the region’s cultural, geographical, gastronomic and ethnographic heritage, with the support of the City Council, a key partner in the festival’s success.

今年,该组织预测在8月10日、11日和12日举行的第16届会议上将再次出现满座。Neopop在Viana do Castelo举行,有一个超级坚实的电子音乐节目。这是一个独特的地点,汇集了该地区最好的文化、地理、美食和民族学遗产,并得到了市议会的支持,是节日成功的关键合作伙伴。

Neoverse is the visual aesthetic campaign for Neopop Festival 2023. 

Following on the upcoming rise of attention to metaverse concepts, AI tools and the impact of technology in our everyday lives, we believe that this Festival embodies this urge to include enhanced digital experiences showcasing technology, humans and their interaction within these settings.

Neoverse is a fiction narrative that embodies the spirit of Neopop Festival and combines it with a digitally produced hyper reality. 

The video content for this media campaign is inspired by the combined audio and visual experience the festival delivers to its audience. A celebration of the human connection and the exaltation of electronic music and technology as a language in itself.

Neoverse是2023年Neopop Festival的视觉美学活动。




Performing Artists

Neopop since 2005, this city has welcomed the biggest names of techno and electronica. Richie Hawtin is headlining this year’s Neopop Festival.

He is a British-born and Canadian-raised artist who has also earned recognition for his work in other fields beyond music including art and technology. His avant-garde electronic music compositions have inspired and influenced many other artists for decades. 


Birmingham born, Berlin-based DJ, Producer, Live Act and Label Owner Rebekah is the multifaceted artist leading the way in today’s techno scene. Undoubtedly one of the most revered names in techno, Rebekah boasts a string of notable releases on the likes of Mord, Soma, CLR and Elements, and has been highly regarded by the likes of Chris Liebing, Bas Mooy, Paula Temple, Perc and many more throughout the course of her career.

Initially her live show made its global debut at some of the worlds best and most renowned electronic music festivals and clubs, with her performances receiving accolades from dance music media and fans alike. Later in the year, the haunting techno artist hosted her own ‘Rebekah Invites’ event during ADE, which featured artists such as DJ Stingray, Dasha Rush, Parrish Smith and Dark Chambers. 2020 will see Rebekah delve into some exciting projects, including a highly anticipated solo release on her Elements label and an already brimming tour schedule featuring appearances in all corners of the globe including Tokyo, Toronto, Seoul, Amsterdam and Rome, to name a few.

She’s played at many of the major European clubs and festivals and today she shares with us her thoughts about club culture and the future of techno.


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出生于伯明翰的柏林 DJ、制作人、现场表演者和唱片公司所有者 Rebekah 是一位多面手,在当今的 techno 领域处于领先地位。毫无疑问,Rebekah 是 techno 中最受尊敬的名字之一,她在 Mord、Soma、CLR 和 Elements 等乐队上发布了一系列著名专辑,并受到 Chris Liebing、Bas Mooy、Paula Temple、Perc 和许多人的高度评价在她的整个职业生涯中更多。

最初,她的现场表演在一些世界上最好和最著名的电子音乐节和俱乐部中首次亮相,她的表演获得了舞曲媒体和粉丝的一致好评。今年晚些时候,这位令人难以忘怀的 techno 艺术家在 ADE 期间举办了她自己的“Rebekah Invites”活动,其中包括 DJ Stingray、Dasha Rush、Parrish Smith 和 Dark Chambers 等艺术家。2020年,Rebekah将深入研究一些激动人心的项目,包括备受期待的 Elements唱片个人发行,以及已经充满活力的巡演日程,其中包括东京、多伦多、首尔、阿姆斯特丹和罗马等全球各个角落的演出。她曾在许多主要的欧洲俱乐部和音乐节上演出,今天她与我们分享了她对俱乐部文

Additionally, Charlotte de Witte will make her debut at Neopop Festival.

A truly iconic figure in the world of techno who is recognized for her bold and innovative approach to music production and performance. Her work has been recognized with several awards, including Best Techno DJ at the 2019 DJ Awards, and a residency at BBC Radio 1. However, it’s her passion for exploring new horizons that really drives her dedication and relentless pursuit of excellence. 

此外,Charlotte de Witte将在Neopop音乐节上首次亮相。她是Techno世界中真正的标志性人物,因其对音乐制作和表演的大胆和创新方法而受到认可。她的工作已经得到了多个奖项的认可,包括2019年DJ奖的最佳Techno DJ,以及在BBC Radio 1的驻场演出。然而,真正推动她的奉献精神和不懈追求卓越的是她对探索新视野的热情。

Initially emerging as a key figure in the radical underground Polish club scene, the past few years have seen VTSS easily establish herself as one of the most vital, uncompromising and visible new talents in techno.


VTSS‘ commitment to full immersion in the rave culture has quickly qualified her to an intriguing double life, one spread between the dankest of basements and the largest festival stages, occupying a challenging, even provocative space between the ‘underground’ and the ability to entice more and more followers, a beacon for the passionate new wave of hedonistic, no-fucks-given techno enthusiasm.

VTSS对完全沉浸在狂欢文化中的承诺,使她迅速获得了一种耐人寻味的双重生活,这种生活分布在最潮湿的地下室和最大的节日舞台之间,在 “地下 “和吸引越来越多的追随者的能力之间,占据了一个具有挑战性甚至是挑衅性的空间,成为热情的新一波享乐主义、不计后果的电子乐热情的灯塔。

vetss KEYI STUDIO neopop festival

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Chicago-born Honey Dijon is known for both her stratospheric rise as a DJ and her fashion line.

Her new album, Black Girl Magic, is a celebration of her life, work, and beliefs. She has collaborated with black and queer singers and composers who share her vision of love, life, and resistance against oppression. The American artist was even awarded a Grammy for her collaboration on Beyoncé’s latest album. 

出生于芝加哥的Honey Dijon因其作为DJ的平流层崛起和她的时装系列而闻名。她的新专辑《黑姑娘的魔法》是对她的生活、工作和信仰的庆祝。她与黑人和同性恋歌手和作曲家合作,这些人与她对爱情、生活和反抗压迫的看法一致。这位美国艺术家甚至因为与碧昂斯的最新专辑合作而获得格莱美奖。

FJAAK are an electronic music trio born and raised in Berlin. Since their establishment in 2009, they attracted worldwide attention with an alternative and boundary pushing take on classic techno, house and breakbeat. They also run the international party series – Machine Vibes.

FJAAK是一个在柏林出生和长大的电子音乐三人组。自2009年成立以来,他们以对经典Techno、House和Breakbeat的另类和突破边界的方式吸引了全世界的关注。他们还经营着国际派对系列–Machine Vibes。

FJAAK KEYI STUDIO Keyi Magazineneopop festival

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Batish and Artur, better known as ARTBAT, began producing with the goal of bringing Ukrainian music to the world and their wish quickly became a reality. The release of  ‘Aquarius’ and the release of ‘Planeta EP’ sparked the biggest boom of their careers. It took the duo to the top and earned them spots at some of the most renowned electronic music festivals.

巴蒂什和阿图尔,也就是众所周知的ARTBAT,开始制作时的目标是将乌克兰音乐带到世界,他们的愿望很快就变成了现实。水瓶座》的发行和《Planeta EP》的发行引发了他们职业生涯中最大的繁荣。它把这对组合带到了顶峰,并为他们赢得了一些最著名的电子音乐节的位置。

Ben Klock is a German DJ and producer, whose name is linked to Berghain and Ostgut Ton.

His ability to understand what’s happening on the dancefloor and adapt his sound accordingly has earned him a spot on some of the world’s most important stages. 

Ben Klock是一位德国DJ和制作人,他的名字与Berghain和Ostgut Ton有关。他了解舞池中正在发生的事情并相应地调整他的声音的能力,使他在世界最重要的一些舞台上赢得了一席之地。

Neopop and DAX J will smash again, British DJ and producer, is also performing at this year’s edition.

Unexpected circumstances and a great deal of perseverance have marked his path. Initially renowned as a drum & bass head, he went from pirate radio to magazine covers. And now he stands behind the controls at techno raves all over the world. However, it was his technical skill, careful selection and dedication that put him at the forefront of the techno universe. 

英国DJ和制作人DAX J也将在今年的展会上表演。意外的情况和大量的毅力标志着他的道路。最初,他以鼓和贝斯的头像闻名,从海盗电台到杂志封面。而现在,他站在世界各地的techno raves的控制后面。然而,正是他的技术能力、谨慎的选择和奉献精神使他站在了Techno世界的最前沿。

dax j KEYI STUDIO Keyi Magazine neopop

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Dubfire, Nicole Moudaber and Paco Osuna are three prominent figures on the electronic music scene. The three artists will join forces for a special performance at Neopop Festival. 

Dubfire、Nicole Moudaber和Paco Osuna是电子音乐领域的三位杰出人物。这三位艺术家将在Neopop音乐节上联手进行一场特别演出。

Dubfire has been part of the electronic universe for over 30 years. He has achieved success with the Deep Dish duo, and later as a solo artist. He’s known for his underground style of house and techno and has reinvented the live concert experience with HYBRID

Dubfire成为电子世界的一部分已经超过30年了。他在Deep Dish二人组中取得了成功,后来又作为独奏艺术家取得了成功。他以其地下风格的House和Techno而闻名,并以HYBRID重新创造了现场音乐会的体验。

KEYI STUDIO dubfire keyimagazine neopop festival

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Nicole Moudaber, a Nigerian-born artist of Lebanese descent is a DJ and producer with a long resumé. She is the founder of MOOD Records and the host of an award-winning weekly radio show called In The MOOD

妮可-穆达贝尔(Nicole Moudaber)是一位出生在尼日利亚的黎巴嫩裔艺术家,是一位拥有丰富履历的DJ和制作人。她是MOOD唱片公司的创始人,也是一个获奖的每周广播节目《In The MOOD》的主持人。

Paco Osuna is celebrated for his creativity and courage in seeking new forms of expression. He created one of the most important techno labels in the US and Europe as the founder of Mindshake. In 2022, he started NOW HERE, a residency in Ibiza focused on living in the present and enjoying every moment to the fullest. 

帕科-奥苏纳因其在寻求新的表达形式方面的创造力和勇气而受到赞誉。作为Mindshake的创始人,他创建了美国和欧洲最重要的电子乐品牌之一。2022年,他开始了NOW HERE,一个在伊比沙岛的驻场活动,专注于活在当下,充分享受每一刻。

Rødhåd is the pseudonym of Mike Bierbach. He is a Berlin-based DJ and producer known for his timeless sound.

It ranges between deep, powerful, and melancholic dub techno and house. He gained his experience DJing in his hometown for over ten years while refining his skills and style. In 2009, he started his own label – Dystopian. He has since released multiple EPs and remixes that received praise from numerous critics and publications . In 2018, he founded a new label, WSNWG, which works as a home for collaborative creations. Although he is a successful producer, Rødhåd’s strong suit is his DJing.

Rødhåd是Mike Bierbach的笔名。他是一位驻柏林的DJ和制作人,以其永恒的声音而闻名。它的范围在深沉、有力和忧郁的dub techno和house之间。他在他的家乡获得了超过10年的DJ经验,同时完善了他的技能和风格。2009年,他开始了自己的厂牌–Dystopian。此后,他发布了多张EP和混音作品,获得了众多评论家和出版物的赞誉。2018年,他成立了一个新的标签,WSNWG,作为合作创作的家园。虽然他是一个成功的制作人,但Rødhåd的强项是他的DJ工作。

To complete the lineup, Chris Liebing, PAN-POT, Héctor Oaks, and Rebekah will also be performing. Last but not least, the long-awaited debuts of Francesco del Garda, Mall Grab, LSDXOXO and Partiboi69, among others.

hector oaks

Also Portuguese talents such as Biia, Lewis Fautzi, Rui Vargas, Vil, and stage visuals signed by DubLab will add to this amazing program. 

为了完善阵容,Chris Liebing、PAN-POT、Héctor Oaks和Rebekah也将表演。最后但同样重要的是,期待已久的Francesco del Garda、Mall Grab、LSDXOXO和Partiboi69等人的首次亮相。此外,葡萄牙人才,如Biia、Lewis Fautzi、Rui Vargas、Vil,以及由DubLab签署的舞台视觉效果,将为这个惊人的节目锦上添花。

hector oaks KEYI STUDIO Keyi Magazine neopop festival

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Disc-jockey, operates at the vanguard of rave, label honcho of OAKS and KAOS. As one of Europe’s most wanted underground weapons, Héctor Oaks style stands out for playing the unexpected and the highly engaging. As DJ, producer and label head his take on techno resonates by combining the contemporary with hand-picked tracks from the history of rave culture. 

唱片骑师,狂欢的先锋,OAKS和KAOS的厂牌负责人。作为欧洲最受欢迎的地下武器之一,Héctor Oaks的风格因其出人意料和高度引人入胜而显得与众不同。作为DJ、制作人和厂牌负责人,他对Techno的看法是将现代音乐与从狂欢文化历史中精心挑选的曲目相结合,从而产生共鸣。

Full lineup

ARTBAT | Backbone | Ben Klock | BIIA | Catarina Silva | Charlotte de Witte | Chris Liebing | Cravo | Cruz | Daria Kolosova x Etapp Kyle | Dasha Rush | David Moreira | Dax J | Diana Oliveira | Dubfire b3b Nicole Moudaber b3b Paco Osuna | FJAAK | Francesco Del Garda | Frank Maurel | Freshkitos | Gromma | Héctor Oaks | Honey Dijon | IMOGEN | Kolo55 aka Paul Ritch live | La La | Lewis Fautzi | LSDXOXO | Luisa | Mall Grab | Maria Callapez | Mind Against | Moses | Nina Kraviz | Nuno Carneiro | Oscar Mulero | PAN-POT | Partiboi69 | Patrick Mason | Rebekah | Richie Hawtin | Rødhåd | Rui Vargas | Ruuar | Salbany live | Serginho | Shlømo | Solar | Surgeon live | Tiago Carvalho | Tiago Fragateiro | Vasco Valente | Vil | VTSS | Zadig  | Ze Salvador  

Thursday 10 August

NEO STAGEARTBAT | Dubfire b3b Nicole Moudaber b3b Paco Osuna | Honey Dijon | La La | Mind Against | PAN-POT | Rui Vargas | Serginho | Ze Salvador 

Cruz | David Moreira | Francesco Del Garda | Gromma | LSDXOXO | Luisa | Mall Grab | Moses | Nuno Carneiro | Partiboi69 | Surgeon live

Friday 11 August

NEO STAGEBen Klock | Catarina Silva | Cravo | FJAAK | Héctor Oaks | IMOGEN | Richie Hawtin | Salbany live | Tiago Carvalho | Vasco Valente | Vil | VTSS 

Dasha Rush | Kolo55 aka Paul Ritch live | Lewis Fautzi | Maria Callapez | Oscar Mulero | Ruuar | Solar | Tiago Fragateiro | Zadig

Saturday 12 August

Charlotte de Witte | Chris Liebing | Diana Oliveira | Frank Maurel | Freshkitos | Nina Kraviz| Rødhåd

Backbone | BIIA | Daria Kolosova x Etapp Kyle | Dax J | Patrick Mason | Rebekah | Shlømo

Dates: 10-12 August 2023
Location: Viana do Castelo (Portugal)
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Viana do Castelo dances once again! 

Neopop Festival is back on the 10th, 11th and 12th of August and the lineup is set. 

The 16th edition of Neopop Festival combines a strong electronic music programme with an absolutely unique venue. Three-day passes for Neopop are priced at €105 and early bird day tickets at 45€. 

Tickets are available here