The Allegorist – Holistic, soundscape storyteller takes inspiration from the ancient world for her fifth studio album + video premiere

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The Allegorist – Born in the fast-moving river, she was part of it. The river didn’t cause her to be who she was, but it was her origin in this life.

She could have stayed, but a beat in her heart made her fingers tremble; a longing in her spirit for life and a driving force in her mind called her by her name. And so she left to risk, live, explore, and follow the invisible.


Today, in the deep silence of the cold midnight, she couldn’t fall asleep. It was all the effort of the journey that kept her awake. Gray fog lay heavy on her mind. Resting her head on a stone with her legs tucked up, her heart was be- ating in pain, and her limbs felt heavy and tired. All those years spent walking thousands of miles through deserts and winds, climbing up mountains and swimming through seas, learning where to take turns, how to read meanings in the stars, studying maps of various cultures, seeking knowledge of all kinds, and still, now, she was lost.


Dreaming of answers within her, she woke in the light of tomorrow, and bet- ween the trees on the little meadow wet with dew, the first rays of spring’s sun beamed through.



“In the music video, ‘Whispers Of The Wind’ I’m telling the tale of TEKHENU.

TEKHENU is an allegory for meaning, and purpose, something that we are all bound to and that connects us all. We all have our own individual paths in life, which are also intertwined.

We have our own truth, one perspective of the whole, and our unique experience and journey in life.

We all are sort of going towards TEKHENU and it looks different for all of us. We are a part of the Endless, and the wind symbolises the subtle feelings that guide us, our inner voice and intuition.


TEKHENU is something entirely different for all of us and at the same time, also just the same. That’s why the main architectural object looks different from each angle to every character in the music video.


Sometimes we don’t know what to do next. In those moments it’s good to look for answers in silence. In this solitude, we can look for guidance and messages carried to us by the wind. It’s not easy to face the unknown, but the deepest voice inside us, always tells us the truth.” The Allegorist

有时我们不知道下一步该做什么。在这些时刻,在沉默中寻找答案是好的。在这种孤独中,我们可以寻找指导,寻找风带给我们的信息。面对未知的事情并不容易,但我们内心深处的声音,总是告诉我们真相。” 寓言家

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