Jeff Mills composed a new soundtrack for Metropolis

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Jeff Mills “Metropolis – Metropolis”
Album out on Axis March 3rd, 2023

MetropolisMetropolis is an abbreviated version of the most recent Electronic Music soundtrack for Fritz Lang’s Metropolis (1927) by the Techno music producer and cultural icon Jeff Mills. Unlike his first soundtrack where tracks addressed specific segments of the film in a track listing form, which was created and released in 2001, this version is more a symbiotic mix of compositions that proposes a nuanced representation of the plot and storyline. As an electronic symphonic music creation, Mills proposes a few interesting points in the schematics of this album, Another key point


for example 1 the positioning and role of the listener as the soundtrack is based on the environment of the scenes, rather than pure transcription, additionally 2 as a storyline that takes place in the year 2000. The choice of sound elements refers to some future commonality and foresight between the genres of Classical and Electronic music between man and machine, as a result, 3 in many parts of the soundtrack, sounds are played in unison. This is symbolic of the hopefulness the storyline works towards.

1听众的定位和角色,因为配乐是基于场景的环境,而不是纯粹的转录,2作为一个发生在2000年的故事情节,声音元素的选择是指人和机器之间的古典音乐和电子音乐流派之间的一些未来共性和前瞻性。 3,在原声带的许多部分,声音是齐声播放的。这象征着故事情节努力实现的希望。

Creating music for Fritz Lang’s masterpiece film “Metropolis” over the years has been and continues to be a great experience.

The film is a story about “man vs man” with the help of a machine. Its dramatic theme is as relevant now as it was when the film debuted in 1927. A film to be enjoyed, but also noted and examined by Jeff Mills 

这部电影是一个关于在机器的帮助下 “人与人 “的故事。其戏剧性的主题现在和1927年影片首次亮相时一样具有现实意义。这部电影值得欣赏,但也值得注意和研究。杰夫-米尔斯

Live Events:  New York City, Berlin, Paris

New York City: February 22 (Wed) 2023
Axis Records and Dweller Festival present: Jeff Mills METROPOLIS Cinemax being that

Jeff Mills plays live Fritz Lang’s Sci-Fi masterpiece “METROPOLIS” (1927) from his upcoming “Metropolis Metropolis” soundtrack album at Anthology Film Archives, in New York
Start: 7:00 pm

杰夫-米尔斯在纽约Anthology Film Archives现场演奏弗里茨-朗的科幻杰作 “METROPOLIS”(1927年),这是他即将发行的 “Metropolis大都会 “原声带专辑中的曲目
开始。 7:00 pm


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