Magic of the North: Munch x Berlinische Galerie 2023/2024

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Opening 14 September 2023 (during Art Week, naturally), the Berlinische Galerie will host an exhibit featuring over 80 paintings of Munch, entitled ‘Magic of the North.’

Munch in Germany: Between the years 1892 and 1933, Berlin hosted 60 exhibitions featuring Norwegian modernist painter Edvard Munch’s artworks, and now, he finally returns to the German capital.

His romantic fjord landscapes hold the psychological angst of its inhabitants, and while he was Initially revered as a cultural lcon in Germany, his melancholic questioning of self and the essence of mankind led him to become one of the first victims of the campaign against ‘degenerate art’ during the Nazi takeover in the 1930s.

Some of his most iconic pieces- often in storage, rarely on view- will be present in Berlin, including ‘Madonna’ from 1895, ‘Vampire’ from 1918, and Die Frau from 1925.

After the Art Week reveal within the Berlinische Galerie, yet another show featuring Munch will also be opening up in coordination come November, at the Museum Barberini Potsdam right outside of Berlin. Entitled ‘Munch, Lebenslandschaft,’ the exhibit focuses on Munch’s landscapes and interaction with nature.

‘Magic of the North’ at the Berlinische Galerie runs 15 September 2023 through 22 January 2024. ‘Munch. Lebenslandschaft’ at Museum Barberini Potsdam runs 19 November through 1 April 2024. A discounted combination ticket will be available through the visitBerlin website.

Text by Janna Shaw


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