New compilation curated by Helena Hauff – Fabric presents Helena Hauff out on 22 September 2023

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Helena Hauff’s style is significant and recognizable—fierce, rough, and raw, yet steadfast and playful. All this is perfectly captured in Helena’s mix for the fabric presents series.

Opening straight away with “Turn Your Sights Inward,” the exclusive single of Helena Hauff freshly released on fabric Records, this mix spans a thrilling 77 minutes, featuring 19 tracks of banging, high-tempo, punchy electro, breakbeat, and techno, full of hammering percussion and squelchy acidic synths.

fabric presents by Helena Hauff connects the dots between the past and the future, offering an experience that reflects retro nostalgia with a forward-thinking sonic landscape.

It is mature and unpredictable, creating a balance between structure and chaos, combining classic tracks like Radioactive Man’s “Night Bus To Nowhere” (the self-titled album from 2001 by this icon was a real eye-opener for Helena) with yet unreleased gems, such as Magda Rot’s “Alter Simus.”

“Alter Simus” arrives at the culminating point of the mix, right after Nite Fleit’s “Naïve,” which is out through Helena’s own Return To Disorder label. The final track, Autechre’s remix of D-Breeze’s “Crazy For Love” from 1999, is now digitally available for the first time


“Turn Your Sights Inward” by Helena is out now on all digital platforms.

The release of Helena Hauff’s fabric presents mix is timed with a launch party at Fabric on 30 September.

CD plays as a continuous mix. Digital downloads constitute of 19 mixed track files that when played in sequence form the continuous mix of fabric presents by Helena Hauff. For individual tracks and single-track mix stop by fabric’s Bandcamp page.

Hamburg-born and raised, Helena Hauff studied both Fine Art and Systematic Music Science. Her astonishing DJ and producing skills reflect this experience, as this juxtaposition shaped her approach to coaxing music from her machines.

As a former resident of the esteemed Golden Pudel club, Helena has established herself as a selector who prefers playing vinyl, a producer who uses vintage hardware, and a virtuoso of seamlessly handling the crowd.


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