Acheron : Illuminating Techno’s Dark and Dynamic Undercurrents with a New Booking Agency

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Acheron: a new booking agency shining a light on the dark and dynamic undercurrents of techno’s roaring underbelly 
Acheron is the river of the underworld in Greek mythology, symbolizing deep unconscious currents. As the name suggests, the international team with its roots spanning all of Europe, feeding in from the likes of Athens, Paris, and Tbilisi shares a taste for dark, ethereal sounds, ranging between dark techno, EBM, post-punk, darkwave and industrial. Drawing on decades of joint expertise within the industry, the new Berlin/Barcelona-based booking agency is here to represent artists from an all-inclusive array of backgrounds.
The team behind Acheron is on a mission to bring together a tastefully curated lineup of sounds, genres and styles.
The firm’s ethos of prioritizing substance over superficiality has not only garnered them a reputation for unwavering authenticity. Their ability to assemble such a diverse and impressive roster of 30 artists in just a matter of weeks is a feat that speaks volumes. Among this esteemed lineup are seasoned veterans like Codex Empire, whose extensive 30-year tenure in the industry underscores their mastery, as well as up-and-coming projects like the Undertaker’s Tapes, injecting fresh and relentless energy into the scene.
Within this eclectic mix, names like OTHR, Liza Rivs, and Puritan stand out as prominent fixtures within the pulsating nightlife of Tbilisi, particularly at the renowned KHIDI club. Their residency at this iconic venue serves as a testament to both their individual talents and the discerning curation of the collective. And at the helm of the showcases at KHIDI is Acheron, a deliberate choice that reflects the collective’s commitment to presenting only the most exceptional and cutting-edge performances to their audience.
Through their dedication to showcasing both established icons and emerging talents alike, the collective not only shapes the landscape of the music scene but also fosters a dynamic environment where innovation thrives and boundaries are pushed. In essence, their impact transcends mere entertainment, making them true arbiters of cultural significance.
Rooted in its deep love and appreciation of the genre, Acheron is committed to representing a layered concurrence of voices and perspectives within techno, carefully blending individual vision with our everlasting thirst to transcend.
The collective is zealous in its dedication to interrogating the formal limits imposed upon us all, guiding us to a common ground through the sublimely primal, pre-verbal dimension of music. 



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