The Third Room Festival, 17th-18th August: Two days of techno in the heart of the Ruhr Valley.

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The Third Room Festival is back at Henrichshütte for a two day edition of techno-filled-mania this August

Famous for their pairing of historic industrial environments with the echo of new age modern techno music. The Third Room events are a no-brainer for lovers of the genre.

With 45 artists across 4 intimate stages, this isn’t one you want to miss!

The Third Room Festival strikes now in Henrichshütte and its renowned for a cultural exchange and pushing creative boundaries, this year’s lineup is another confirmation about the legacy of the team. Featuring a diverse array of talent, from cutting-edge new wave DJs to the classic names, the festival guarantees an unforgettable journey. Which you shouldn’t miss!

Get ready to immerse yourself in the pulsating beats and vibrant atmosphere of The Third Room.

Eclectic collectives such as Amsterdam based Intercell Events and Madrid’s Laster Club have joined the lineup. In addition, Berlin Based BCCO will also be returning for a takeover you won’t forget.

Incredible music against an idyllic backdrop

This year The Third Room have once again chosen the incredible setting of the Henrichshütte in Hattingen, a former steel & iron works founded in 1854, to transform into a raver’s dreamscape. 

For 150 years the Henrichshütte provided work for 10,000 people over the massive industrial site. This location provides a historic insight into the regions industrial heritage and provides an incredibly unique and beautiful setting for a festival.

Since opening as one of the largest open air museums to the public in 2000, this brutalist environment is slowly being repossessed by mother nature herself. Vines and shrubbery entwining with pipes and man-made structures create the perfect playground for dancers and festival goers.

The combination of carefully hand picked artists and a perfectly paired location sets us up for an incredible two day event this summer.

Although it’ll be hard to top the electric vibe from last year’s event, we can be sure to expect high energy from start to finish once again, against the dystopian backdrop of Henrichshütte.

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Photography Credits:

Frankie Casillo // @frankiecasillophoto

Martjin Kuyvenhoven // @martjinkuyvenhoven

Sander van den ven // @xsanjay

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