French producer DECEMBER returns to Tresor with An Accident In Favor Of Human Life.

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French Produner, December, returns to Tresor with An Accident In Favor Of Human Life, the second part of his Transform project, which continues the exploration of themes such as hybridisation and the boundaries of the self that were undertaken in June 2023’s What Remains of Us?

Transform Part 2 finds December increasing the intensity of his output as the Industrial and electro influences in his musical crucible come to the fore adding a punching tungsten toughness to the beats, welded and riveted to myriad other sources including post punk, ambient, and musique concrète adding a more melodic and emotional edge than the darker hues of Part 1.

The product of this is a collection of juddering and staccato pieces that call to mind steampunk as much as the glittering sci-fi most often invoked by electronic works.

As per the first instalment, the cover art of In Favor Of Human Life continues the ongoing creative part- nership between December and visual artist Marie Quéau whose photograph appears to show a human face that straddles the boundary between the familiar and unsettling.

Listening to Parts 1 & 2 in succession unveils a cohesive masterpiece where elements from one segment echo into the other, exposing a sophisticated pattern and marking the artist’s ascent to a new pinnacle of creative prowess.

Tomas’s artistic journey as December spans seven years, a period marked by a relentless dedication to production and performance. Throughout this time, his creative output has found a home on some of the most prestigious labels in the industry, including Jealous God, Blackest Ever Black, Mannequin, Pinkman, Return to Disorder, L.I.E.S, and Veyl.

The culmination of his efforts can be experienced in Parts 1 & 2, where the listener is treated to a seamless blend of soundscapes. The interplay between the two segments reveals a meticulously crafted work, where motifs from one half resonate into the other, creating a refined and interconnected musical tapestry.

As an artist, Tomas has not only honed his skills but also embarked on a journey towards a newfound zenith of creative power. His ability to weave together diverse elements into a harmonious whole is evident, solidifying his status as a landmark figure in the realm of electronic music.

The EPs released under the December moniker stand not just as individual pieces but as chapters in a compelling narrative, showcasing an evolution and maturation that has become synonymous with his name in the industry.

Consistently delivering exceptional and distinctive club music, he has cultivated a unique sound that garners widespread acclaim within the electronic music scene. A fixture at renowned venues and events like Berghain, Reaktor Katharsis, Berlin Atonal, Salon des Amateurs, Tresor, and Kisloty, he has firmly established himself as a regular presence in key musical spaces.

His touch is known to be powerful but melancholic, minimalistic but romantic, dark but filled with emotions, characterized by his unique use of vocals making his music so special, mixing post-punk, breaks, ebm, idm, electro or dark ambient.

But Tomas’s most significant achievement of these past two years is the release of his first LP on November 12th 2021, « Début », on Broken English Club’s label, Death&Leisure.

With the December alias, Tomas embarks on an exploration of a romantic, dark body-music that transcends the typical boundaries of auditory experiences. The essence of his work lies in its duality – a sonic tapestry that seamlessly blends dance-inducing beats with an emotive depth that resonates in quieter moments.

This musical journey invites the listener to immerse themselves not only in the pulsating rhythms fit for the dancefloor but also in the contemplative ambiance suitable for more intimate settings. The versatility of Tomas’s sound allows for a multi-dimensional experience, where the same track can be a source of both euphoria and introspection.



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