After months of dedicated effort, our new imprint, focusing on *FLINTA (Women, Lesbian, Intersex, Non-binary, Transgender, Agender/Asexual) talent, has finally arrived – check TM8

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Our inaugural release features a compilation by nine exceptional artists: Agata, Astral Bandit, aveen, cunt remember, disgrays, dj big guns, Drazzit, Emma Dowdy, and PAX. Each contributor embodies the distinct sound and ethos of our label, exploring genres like trance, psy, tek, experimental techno, and beyond.


Kicking off the compilation is Berlin-based producer and BLVSH collective member Agata, presenting the lush and mesmerizing psy trip ‘Drip,’ setting an escapist tone ideal for peak-time moments. London-based artist Astral Bandit follows with ‘Money God,’ blending raw percussion with acid-tipped motifs, showcasing their dynamic production approach.

Voight-Kampff co-founder Aveen takes a dark and moody route with ‘u.08,’ weaving a creepy melody and disembodied vocals amid rapid kickdrums. Berlin’s cunt remember contributes the blistering track ‘disobedience,’ exploring bat-like sounds and harsh textures that underscore her jagged-edged aesthetic.

Hailing from Naarm, disgrays crafts a choppy journey through resounding drums and a topsy-turvy melody, blending misty techno with an industrial edge. Eora’s DJ BIG GUNS, representing Aussie terrain, delivers a strong entry with heavy kickdrums and a hair-raising hook, reflecting their dirty-rave interpretation of classic techno.

Drazzit, co-founder of Barcelona’s queer platform MUSA, introduces an off-kilter and vibrant vibe with ‘Volar,’ merging an earworm melody with a rippling bassline and playful percussion. Belgian producer, DJ, and visual artist Emma Dowdy contributes the penultimate track, ‘Shivering,’ balancing skittery energy and chilly atmospheres, weaving a spiky melody between rubbery kickdrums.

Closing VA001 is Buenos Aires-born artist PAX with ‘mortal bliss,’ infusing a morbid feel with a bouncy twist, exploring frenetic psy flavors and hypnotic trance pads that encapsulate the essence of our new label.

Technomate (TM8s) is more than just a record label; it’s a party, mix series, and educational platform for the *FLINTA+ community and allies. Founded by Russian-born DJ olesia, Technomate is an essential London-based community for *FLINTA+ artists and friends. TM8s actively supports the underground scene and the LGBTQIA+ community, prioritizing *FLINTA artists in all endeavors.

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Release Nr: TM8 VA001

Release date: 29.01.2024

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