Forward Fox’s signature ethereal pads further enhance the immersive experience, enveloping the listener in a world of sonic exploration. + Track Premiere

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Forward Fox, also known as Siobhan Krelle, emerges as a rising star in the Australian music scene, blending her talents as a vocalist, producer, and classically trained multi-instrumentalist. Her compositions are characterized by ground-swelling arrangements that intertwine beautiful melodies with dark, brooding bass lines and off-kilter percussive elements.


In her captivating live performances, Forward Fox effortlessly showcases her diverse skill set, seamlessly combining vocals, keys, and live sampling with remarkable ease. Her dynamic stage presence and undeniable talent have garnered attention from local tastemakers, with recent performances including support slots for artists like Assembler Code, Jun Wun, and Hedchef at Club77. Additionally, she has co-headlined events such as Templum Vol. 4 and The Mansion Collective, sharing the stage with acclaimed artists like Manu Neves, Hoten, and OLIIV in Sydney.

As ‘Illusions’ unfolds, listeners are drawn into a sonic journey characterized by its pulsating rhythms and captivating atmospheres. The hypnotic basslines create a sense of depth and intensity, while the off-beat percussive elements add an intriguing layer of complexity.

Forward Fox is an artist who is pushing the boundaries of electronic music. Her ability to seamlessly blend EBM, industrial, and techno elements showcases a fearless creativity that sets her apart within the Australian music scene and beyond. As the anticipation for the full EP builds,

‘Illusions’ is an exciting glimpse into the sonic landscape crafted by Forward Fox, promising an exhilarating journey for listeners eager to explore new sonic horizons.

In Forward Fox’s own words, “at the time I wrote ‘Illusions’, I found myself being intrigued by neurology and physics, more notably to what extent the human brain influences our physical world. Questions about my own reality began to fascinate me and whether reality is a fixed state or a reflection of our own inner consciousness.

This heavily influenced my creative process, with the bassline intentionally ambiguous on where it starts and ends, becoming a sonic metaphor for the uncertainty surrounding our own experiences, inviting listeners to contemplate the boundaries between reality and perception”.

Written & Produced by Siobhan Krelle (aka Forward Fox)

Mixing by Francis Xavier

Mastering by Cirrus Audio

Visuals by Adam Scarf Photography

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