LD-13 from New York will showcase their new forward-looking collection for the first time at Berlin Fashion Week.

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After presentations at Paris and New York Fashion Week, LD-13 announces their runway show at STATION Berlin for Berlin Fashion Week.

Step into the world of LD-13’s cutting-edge fashion with the unveiling of their latest collection, WARDROBE CHESS. Embracing the essence of their design philosophy, LD-13 showcases a distinctive blend of refined details and sophisticated cuts that define their unique aesthetic. The runway becomes a canvas for recognizable shapes, prints, and materials drawn from everyday scenarios, providing a fresh perspective on familiar elements. WARDROBE CHESS not only elevates fashion but also serves as a catalyst for fostering a forward-looking and progressive mindset. Join LD-13 on this sartorial journey where innovation meets everyday elegance, inviting you to reimagine the boundaries of contemporary style.

By defying seasonal norms, LD-13’s women’s and unisex collections have already left a lasting impression on many.

The brand, founded and rooted in New York in 2021 by Lisa Deurer, is known for disrupting traditional structures by placing art and craftsmanship at the core of their collections. By drawing inspiration from global communities, LD-13’s designs strive to preserve a sense of individual uniqueness. According to Deurer, individuality is a force that should unify rather than divide.

Beyond its celebration of individuality, LD-13 places a strong emphasis on sustainability.

The brand collaborated with a team of experts to develop a farm-to-fashion system that revitalizes local and independent supply chains in the US while safeguarding material biodiversity. By using the wool of the rare Romeldale sheep, they created a high-end heritage textile breed.

This Romeldale Textile kickstarted a journey to collaborate with manufacturers employing local materials, fostering innovation and a conscious mindset. Now featured in LD-13 coats and jackets, the material offers consumers a taste of local luxury while preserving artisanal craftsmanship. LD-13’s goal is to inspire mindful consumption and promote a ‘quality over quantity’ mindset, embodying a ‘more from less’ philosophy that combines luxury with art.

Link: https://www.ld-13.com
Socials to follow: LD-13
When: 14:00 – Thursday, February 8 (invitation only)
Where: STATION BERLIN, Luckenwalder Straße 4-6, 10963 Berlin


Author: Kelly van Gemert